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from $38 per day
rental period of 9 days

This offer was found on 01/25/2020 06:43 AM.

This offer was found on 01/25/2020 06:43 AM.

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Me and my fiancée used happycar to find a cheap and cost effective car so we travel between the most beautiful and romantic cities.
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Happycar was there for us when we needed to change our travel dates at the last minute. The flexibly was fantastic.
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My question about one way rentals was answered very quickly
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Rental Car Jerusalum

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General Information - Car Rental Jerusalem

The nearly 1,000,000-strong city of Jerusalem is not only the capital of Israel, but also the seat of some important buildings, such as the Hebrew University or the Holocaust Memorial Yad Vashem. Built in 1918, the Hebrew University is the most important university in Israel and has a worldwide reputation. Even the Jewish physicist Albert Einstein was for the edification of these schools and left some of his papers and possessions after his death. Today, she has a wide range of courses.

The memorial, officially known as the "Memorial to the Martyrs and Heroes of the State of Israel in the Holocaust", was founded in 1953 in memory of the Nazi extermination of the Jews. Yad Vashem is visited annually by around two million people and includes various departments, such as the Museum of the History of the Holocaust. Here you can learn all about the history of the persecution of the Jews in nine underground galleries and gain insight into them through video installations, photographs, artworks and exhibits.

There are tons of sculptures and individual memorials throughout the memorial site. These include, the "Hall of Remembrance", the "Avenue of the Righteous Among the Nations, the" Garden of the Righteous Among the Nations ", the" Monument to the Children "and even further.

Whether modern or antiquity, many cultures meet here. For example, the old city is divided into four different religious districts, Jewish, Christian, Armenian and Muslim, and is surrounded by a wall, the 16th century Suleiman city wall.


Israeli cuisine

The Original Israeli Cuisine has always been in flux, as Israel is not only a country of emigration, but also exposed to worldwide trends and fashion through the western orientation of the state.

Simple dishes like falafel, Israel's main snack specialty, consisting of fried balls made from chickpeas, flour and spicy seasoning. These are served together with lettuce, techina, humus and the Arabic flatbread pita.

Furthermore, there is also Schawarm, a meat snack with Arabic, Turkish and Greek origin. These are fried mutton and turkey pieces on a rotisserie. There are again pita and various side dishes.

The Israeli cuisine is diverse and has something to offer for every taste.


Car Hire Jerusalem - Round Trip

After an Israeli breakfast, head down to Jerusalem with your rental car in Jerusalem. There you can get a wonderful overview of the city by simply taking a short walk on the city wall. If you have seen everything from a lofty height, you can continue on the way to the Herzl Museum. It's all about Judaism and the different views. In the early evening you can drive your car in Jerusalem towards the Wailing Wall. "The Western Wall" is about 400 meters long and is a religious site of Judaism. Every day countless people come to this place to put their written prayers in the cracks and columns of the Wailing Wall. Or enjoy the scenery on a trip to Tel Aviv.