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Only had a short stop over but still wanted to see the city, having a hire car made this possible!
Rating of Colin M.- 07/21/2015 04:49 AM
(4.9 from 5)
Very convenient to rent through happycar
Rating of Sally A.- 07/22/2015 03:01 AM
(4.9 from 5)
Very convenient to rent through happycar
Rating of Sally A.- 07/22/2015 03:01 AM
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Rental Car Lafayette (LA)

There has been a variety of twists in the car hire industry. Not all agencies can be trusted. However, based on the number of positive feedbacks that are coming out from potential clients, some car hire agencies are certainly doing way better in the industry. Consider the case of having a rental car in Lafayette, Louisiana. A good number of clients have applauded the car agencies in this region for their good region. Influenced by this, it is essential to have an in-depth understanding of the place to understand why it has been voted by very many people.

Why Lafayette Car Rental

There are about four reasons why you need to make HAPPYCAR your car hire location of choice in Lafayette. To begin with, their natures of bookings are super convenient. It is not a must that you have to travel to the place to book for a specific car. The cars of numerous partners such as Hertz, Drive FTI or RentalCars are shared on their platform, and a description of each one of them including their special features and prices. Therefore, what you need to do is just go through all of them and select the ones that are more convenient for you. Yes! This means that you get to save on time and fair just in case you are handling other things.

Secondly, the prices of the car they hire do not only favor a particular class of people. While you can always find an expensive rental car in Lafayette, there is no need to worry because the economic ones are also more available. The fact that they are economic does not mean that they are of low quality. The cars even though pocket-friendly are still of great quality like the highly priced ones which makes them stand out from the rest. The good this is that even with the highly priced cars, there is always room for a bargain and a good discount which you will love because not all the car hire agencies do not offer such services.

The third advantage a rental car in Lafayette booked with HAPPYCAR is that they have a variety of cars. There are not limited to small cars or big cars. All the cars are available as car hire in Lafayette. Therefore, you can always count on the location if you are going on a trip with as little as one person or as more as 20 people. With this, you can bank on the location because you don't have to get worried about not getting what you don't want yet to have a trip or a journey to embark on urgently.

Things to do in Layette

If the above features did not get you to like a car hire in Lafayette, then, this section will make you find a reason to want to hire that car in Lafayette. To begin with, there are various outdoor games that are convenient for children. In a way, this means that you don’t have to worry about traveling with your kids to purchase the car on hire. This is because you can always come with them at Lafayette and take them to the outdoor parks as you continue with your dealings with the specific car hire agency at Lafayette. In addition to this, there are also several museums which are well documented with historic facts and cultural aspects of the location that can help you to understand the location better. The sceneries of the place are also adorable just in case you were planning on a road trip but have not settled for a location; you can always choose Lafayette.


Car Rental Lafayette is situated in Lafayette. Still, don’t know Situated at Tippecanoe County, Lafayette is a city within Indiana state of the United States of America. To be precise,the next city is the capital of Louisiana, Baton Rouge (55,5 miles). The biggest city of the state of Louisiana, New Orleans is a good two hour drive a way. You can also decide to Tage a road trip all the way to Houston, Texas (217 miles) and stopp by at Lake Charles and Beaumont