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Rental Car Macon (GA)

Referred to as the heart of Georgia, Macon is a city in Georgia that acts as the county seat for Bibb County. The city is the fourth largest city in Georgia. The city owes its large size to a 2012 referendum which joined the counties of Bibby and Macon. Macon is home to the historical crossroads of Highway 63 and 36. The city also features a rich culture and a friendly population to the delight of tourists. The city is also nicknamed the City of maples courtesy of its many maple trees. Another prominent feature in the city is the fall line of the Ocmulgee River.

A rental car Macon is the best way to travel around the city and see all the different tourist sites. HAPPYCAR offers the best car hire Macon services to ensure that its customers have a convenient trip and can easily access all the different places that might be of interest to customers while in Macon. Macon takes convenience to another level as it allows for potential customers to book cars online and saves them the hustle of looking for car hire services physically. HAPPYCAR understands that different customers have different needs in rental car services during their stay in Macon, and as such the rental car Macon services are tailored to ensure that every customer gets what they are looking for in a rental car.

Discover Macon in Rental Car

Utilizing the services provided by HAPPYCAR, tourists can discover the many sites and aspects of Macon that make it such an interesting place. To kickstart the tour of the city, tourists should make a point of visiting the Macon mall to get all of their travelling tools, food and souvenirs. To get a feel of how Macon was in the 19th century, tourists should make a point of visiting the Charmicael House built in 1848 by Elam Alexander. Another architectural landmark in the city is the Hay house, named after Johnston Felton Hay, the 18000 square feet structure is a 19th century structure that stands out in its Italian Renaissance architecture. The structure features a lot of amenities that were ahead of its time such as central heating systems, ventilation systems, and an in-house kitchen.

The city is also home to the Museum of Arts and Sciences. Tourists visiting the museum are treated to four galleries which feature a nature trail, a live animal’s habitat, a planetarium and an observatory. The museum also has temporary collections which depict different disciplines such as art, humanities, and sciences. Tourists can also visit the Tubman museum and be treated to different aspects of the African-American art, culture, and history. Other famous places tourists in Macon can visit include the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame, the Georgia Musical Hall of Fame, St Joseph’s Catholic Church, and the Ocmulgee National Monument.

Transport Infrastructure

Macon has two airports; the Macon Downtown Airport is a small airport designed to handle private and corporate flights. The Middle Georgia Regional Airport on the other hand is equipped to handle public flights in the city as well as cargo flights.

Road trip in Macon

The car hire Macon services can also be used outside Macon. For tourists planning road trips outside the city there are several destinations they could try. Using the car rental Macon services, Atlanta is probably the closest major city tourists can visit as it is about 80 miles from Macon. Tourists can also visit Birmingham in Alabama which is about 200 miles from Macon. The rest of the major cities are further than 200 miles away and alternative means of transport are recommended. These cities include Jacksonville which is about 200 miles from Macon, Charlotte in North Carolina and Nashville in Tennessee.