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Rental Car Middle Georgia Regional Airport

It is a small, city-owned airport designated for public use particularly by small aircraft, although there is a single commercial airline that serves here. The entire airport covers at least 1,149 acres with only two asphalt paved runways. Car hire from Middle Georgia Regional Airport to Macon is a much faster way of travel considering the distance is only 11.5-miles (19-minutes) away. In fact, it is quicker when you consider exploring the other neighboring cities such as Payne, Lizella, and Huber which are within a similar distance.

Rental Car Middle Georgia Regional Airport, The Best Choice

It is possible to book car hire from Middle Georgia Regional Airport well in advance which cuts the waiting time in the event that you want to depart immediately after touchdown. This can be done a couple of hours prior to landing at the airport. All you need is to visit the HAPPYCAR portal and execute a customized search criterion that meets your requirements. So whether you are traveling alone, or as a group, HAPPYCAR has partnered with Argus Car Hire, Avis, and Sunny Cars among others, to effect competitive prices which you can compare to pick the one that suits you best. In fact, all you need is either a laptop, a desktop computer, or a smartphone device with stable internet access.

Discover Middle Georgia Regional Airport Using Our Rental Car

By using our rental car, it affords you the luxury of flexibility whereby you can plan and execute your own schedule without having to worry about timelines. By using a train service or the rapid bus transit system, you have to keep up with strict departure, and to some extent arrival times which limits the fun because of limited exposure time. With a car rental, you can literally park the car at a designated spot and proceed to your point of interest. Take for instance the Allman Brothers Band Museum at The Big House which belonged to the aforementioned brothers from around 1970 to 1973. It is currently dedicated to preserving the brothers' legacy and keeping their history intact.

Afterward, you can make a 9-minute drive (4.3-miles) to the Ocmulgee Mounds National Historical Park which has numerous native American artifacts on display. A major advantage of the car rental from Middle Georgia Regional Airport is that you can opt to leave the car behind and go on an excursion. After leaving the Ocmulgee Mounds National Historical Park, you can cover about 1.8-miles which is literally a 4-minute drive. However, in order to enjoy the scenery that surroRental Car Middle Georgia Regional Airport Macon, Georgia funds the Johnston-Felton -Hay House, this can be a 29-minute walk via the Vineville Ave and Georgia Ave.

Day Road Trips From Middle Georgia Regional Airport

After enjoying the excursion, you can take a day road trip to the shores of the lake Tobesofkee where a canoe ride into the still waters can enable you to enjoy a bit of fishing. There are quite a number of fish species in the lake, which can make a hearty meal during a campfire in any one of the numerous parks that surround it, especially the Arrowhead Park which is popular with hikers and campers.

If the weather is warm enough, you can take a 2-minute drive to either the Sandy beach or the Claystone beaches which are both topped with pure white sand especially in the summer season. At dusk, you can enjoy a quiet drive back from the road trip back to Macon where you can opt to seek accommodation or just buy supplies for camping. So visit the HAPPYCAR portal today and check out our pricing for Macon, Georgia!