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from $28 per day
rental period of 7 days

This offer was found on 09/21/2020 06:45 AM.

This offer was found on 09/21/2020 06:45 AM.



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This offer was found on 09/21/2020 06:45 AM.

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Rental Car Netherlands

Make a trip to remember to the Netherlands with a car rental from HAPPYCAR. Explore the 12 different provinces that make up this country, discover the interesting cities and the beautiful countryside, with car hire in the Netherlands through the HAPPYCAR online comparison portal, everything is possible with your car hire Netherlands.

Travel through the Netherlands

Driving through the Netherlands is a very pleasant experience, you will see colorful flowered fields and one of the famous symbols of the country, the windmills which were developed to mill grain and pump water. Many windmills can be seen during a drive through the country, so park your rental car up and take a stroll through one of the fields or take a bike a with you and cycle along one of the many cycle paths taking in fresh air and the smell or daffodils and tulips. The province of Gelderland has some of the best cycle paths in the country and some old castles. Drive up to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Wadden Sea and take part in the very popular Dutch past time of Mudflat hiking, where you take a hike along the mudflats where the water level is very low.

The Netherlands has given the world some of the best art, with famous painters such as Vincent Van Gogh and Johannes Vermeer, many of their works are known around the world and many can be seen in museums across the Netherlands.

The Netherlands is home to the Dutch pancake, it is a very popular food here and you can find restaurants that solely serve Dutch pancakes, differing from Scotch pancakes by the fact that Dutch pancakes are often served as proper meals, the locals usually have bacon and cheese with their pancakes in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands is the biggest exporter of cheese meaning you will see a lot of cheese. Some famous Dutch cheeses are Edamer and Gouda, both are sold around the world but the country has a lot more cheese to offer. When using your hire car Netherlands to travel through the country you will sooner or later come across a cheese market, where you can buy cheeses varying in spice and sweetness and sold by a typical Dutch cheese girl.

To see

With your car hire Netherlands you can see some of the most beautiful and liberal cities in Europe, Amsterdam the capital city is the most famous, with a population of over one million, it is the Netherlands' the largest city. The city is home to 1,500 canal bridges, there is always something to do in this city, whether you want to visit one of the many museums such as the Anne Frank House or, being a country with famous artists and art, the Van Gogh or Rijksmuseum. Or you can want relax in one of the many parks or enjoy a coffee in a cafe.

The historical city of Maastricht is defiantly worth a visit with your hire car Netherlands, seen as the most beautiful city in the country, the city has a city wall dating back to the 13th century and has two large churches, St. Servaa's Church and St. Jan's Cathedral.

The port city of Rotterdam is also worth a visit with you rental car, the city is the home to the largest port in Europe and showcases several windmills which are open to visitors. Being a port city a walk through the harbor is a nice way to spend to some time, you can also visit the Maritime Museum, with exhibits on the harbor and maritime history. The city has some great architecture, such as the Town Hall, built in the early 1900's, and the Saint Lawrence Church built in the 1400's.

Take a hire car with us at HAPPYCAR and enjoy the Netherlands at your own leisure, visit the places you want, whether countryside or urban, when you want instead of worrying about the bus or train schedules. A car hire in the Netherlands allows for comfort and privacy to have the best vacation.