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Climate chart Nuremberg

max 41°F min 34°F
max 45°F min 34°F
max 55°F min 34°F
max 54°F min 39°F
max 70°F min 50°F
max 79°F min 55°F
max 82°F min 57°F
max 84°F min 59°F
max 64°F min 50°F
max 64°F min 48°F
max 50°F min 41°F
max 39°F min 32°F

Weekly overview Nuremberg

Weather Nuremberg 7 days

Thursday 09-05-2024 Sunny/Clear 45°F / 68°F
Friday 10-05-2024 Sunny/Clear 45°F / 70°F
Saturday 11-05-2024 Sunny/Clear 46°F / 72°F
Sunday 12-05-2024 Sunny/Clear 50°F / 73°F
Monday 13-05-2024 Patchy rain possible 52°F / 70°F
Tuesday 14-05-2024 Patchy rain possible 48°F / 59°F
Wednesday 15-05-2024 Patchy rain possible 46°F / 57°F
Thursday 16-05-2024 Sunny/Clear 43°F / 64°F
Friday 17-05-2024 Partly cloudy 43°F / 66°F
Saturday 18-05-2024 Patchy rain possible 48°F / 55°F
Sunday 19-05-2024 Patchy rain possible 45°F / 59°F
Monday 20-05-2024 Partly cloudy 39°F / 63°F
Tuesday 21-05-2024 Sunny/Clear 39°F / 63°F
Wednesday 22-05-2024 Patchy rain possible 45°F / 63°F

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Nuremberg attractions and Travel Tips

Nowhere in Germany will you find a city that so accurately displays the highs and lows of the country as in Nuremberg. The former Imperial City was the center of the German Renaissance, the capital of the Holy Roman Empire, the showground for massive Nazi rallies, and the site of the Nuremberg Trials. The city does not shy away from its past, instead, it handles its delicate legacy with a refreshing forthrightness which will imprint upon you a lasting impression. HAPPYCAR is here to help you find the best car hire Nuremberg has to offer so you can take full advantage of this lively city. We check the prices of international and local providers so that you don’t have to check each website, and provide you with the best deals on a Nuremberg car rental to make your money go further for a car that fits your specific rental needs.

General Information

Nuremberg enjoys a rich and complex history which dates back a thousand years. During the height of the Holy Roman Empire, Nuremberg acted as the heart of the Empire. Newly chosen emperors held their Reichstag in the city, and thus attracted a great influx of capital and commerce. This continual advancement led to a cultural revolution culminating in the German Renaissance during the 15th and 16th centuries. The city, after being besieged by enemy forces in 1632, experienced a rapid decline from which it was to recover in the 19th century. This decline, in hindsight, is considered a beneficial event in regards to Nuremberg’s medieval architecture. The city had no capital to modernize its infrastructure, and therefore the medieval buildings were left as is. Nuremberg’s history takes a dark turn in the early half of the 1930’s, when the rise of National Socialism was sweeping across the country. Hitler chose Nuremberg as the site for his massive Nazi rallies to lend credibility to his regime, due to the medieval city being the most German of German cities. It therefore comes as no surprise that Nuremberg was chosen by the victorious Allies as the site of the most prolific Nazi war crimes trials directly following the liberation of Europe. The city has since evolved into a tolerant metropolis and is home to several industry giants and internationally renowned expositions.

Take advantage of your Nuremberg car hire

Despite the terrible destruction the city experienced during WWII, many of its medieval buildings and architecture have, to a degree, withstood the test of time. With your HAPPYCAR rental, you can explore the many sights and sounds of the city at your own leisure. A tour of the city’s Altstadt or Old Town, is an eye-opening experience in its own right. Walking through the cobbled streets past medieval walls and half-timbered houses, you get a sense of how the medieval city might have looked during their heyday. The city, which has embraced all aspects of its history, does not hide its Nazi past; you can still see the Zeppelintribüne, the podium from which Hitler addressed the masses of Nazi supporters.

In addition to impressive medieval architecture, Nuremberg also offers a myriad of possibilities for you to indulge your palate. Enjoy the char-grilled Nürnberger Bratwürste, Nürnberger Klösse, potato dumplings, and the famous sweetly-spiced Lebkuchen gingerbread cookies are among the most ubiquitous and beloved foods found in the city. Lebkuchen, mainly eaten over Christmas, has its home in the yearly Nuremberg Christmas market, the most renowned one in the world.

Bamberg, a city forty minutes north of Nuremberg, is the perfect destination for you and your HAPPYCAR rental. The city, mostly unspoiled by war, enjoys an intact historic townscape. It is notable for the four-spired Dom, the Baroque Residenz, picturesque old Rathaus, or Town Hall, on an island in the river, and quaint corners and quiet, narrow lanes.

If you wish to explore the city from which popular stereotypes of Germany arise, you can take the 1.5 hour drive south to the Bavarian city of Munich. Oktoberfest, sausages, Lederhosen, and yodeling might be the first things that pop into your mind when you think of Munich, however, this city has so much more to offer. The city enjoys an impressive array of old buildings, baroque architecture, lovely parks, impressive castles, beautiful natural landscapes, and outdoor adventures.

You can take your car to the eastern side of Germany to look at the beautiful and classic Heidelberg and look at the castle, among other unique and beautiful things.

Book now with HAPPYCAR and take full advantage of the flexibility and freedom your car rental Nuremberg grants you. Our quick and hassle free service provides you with a great springboard into your adventures. The HAPPYCAR team wishes you a pleasant journey!