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Rental Car Orange County (CA)

Rental Car Orange County

Orange County, is one of the more densely populated counties in the American state of California. The region is largely renowned for its sandy beaches along the 40-mile (64-kilometer) Pacific Ocean Western Coast where a couple of the cities within the county are situated. There are numerous attractions such as Knott's Berry Farm and Disneyland which account for millions of tourists annually. The area became a settlement in 1776 and in 1889 the county was officially incorporated as prescribed by State Law. Some of the major cities within Orange County are Anaheim and Irvine which are just 18 minutes apart (14.7 miles) and Newport Beach and Orange which are just 18 minutes (15.7 miles) apart.

Discover Orange County

The county has a vast road network which interlinks its 34 incorporated cities and towns, which is why a car hire in Orange County is essential while crisscrossing the vast attractions. In fact, the closest cities to the John Wayne airport are Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, and Irvine. The airport is, however, located in an unincorporated territory away from the cities which means there is at least a 4.3-mile distance to the nearest city (Irvine). After landing at the airport, using a car hire in Orange County to access your hotel room or your preferred accommodation is more convenient than queuing for other public means with your luggage. HAPPYCAR is an easy-to-use portal which compares the cheapest rates of a rental car in Orange County from renowned services such as AutoEscape, Avis, and Argus Car Hire which are all fairly priced. A custom search ensures that every client gets to book a suitable package which can be for a single individual or those traveling in a group.

General Info On Orange County

Orange County has centuries of history considering that the first documented inhabitants were Native American groups such as the Juaneno, Tongva, and Luiseno. A Spanish missionary, Junipero Serra was among the first people to 'discover'the area which he named Valle de Santa Ana or rather the valley of Saint Anne and later on in 1776, a single European individual became a permanent resident. There were numerous ranches that were established over the years and in the 1860s, severe droughts devastated this industry. As a result, more explorers and settlers streamed into the area while prospecting for minerals and in 1887, silver was discovered in the Santa Ana mountains. After two referendums, Orange County became incorporated in 1889 and its name, 'Orange" was an attempt to promote it as a place where farming could thrive despite its proximity to the ocean.

Car Rental Orange County

Since the county is vast, car hire is an economical investment. It is much easier to traverse the county on a road trip while exploring the numerous tourist destinations. For instance, you can start off at Disneyland Park in Anaheim which is one of the worlds most popular theme parks. It attracts millions of tourists annually and is home to some of the famous toon characters such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Afterward, a 19 minute (12.3-mile) drive south to Westminster takes you to Little Saigon. This is home to the largest concentration of Vietnamese people within the USA. Here you can get to learn more about their culture from small museums and art exhibitions. You can also get to sample some Vietnamese cuisine from some of the renowned restaurants located within. A 20.3-mile (24 minutes) to the suburban city Yorba Linda to the South West before sunset means that you get to visit the Richar Nixon Presidential Library and Museum. One of the first things you get to notice is a National Historic Landmark within the grounds. Inside the house is a large collection of memorabilia, photographs, as well as bronze figures. These bronze figures are molded into the likeness of other prominent world leaders of past and present years. Among the more impressive items on display is a Presidential helicopter that was once used by President Nixon, and it is on permanent display. Former President Nixon and his wife Pat Nixon are also buried in the grounds, and you can get to visit their graves. After the tour, you can then travel 12-miles to Anaheim having completed an exciting road trip in three different cities in just a single day.