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from $8 per day
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This offer was found on 01/04/2020 10:42 AM.



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This offer was found on 01/04/2020 10:42 AM.

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Rental Car Oviedo

Having a successful getaway can be challenging at times, especially when you have to rent a car. There are a thousand car rental companies but choosing the best for your vacation may not be straight forward. The city of Oviedo is graced with a rich historical heritage and offers a great taste of ‘green Spain’. If you’re planning your vacation to the city of Oviedo, then you better check with HAPPYCAR first. We have partnered with a number of car rental companies, including AutoEscape, CarDelMAr, and Thrifty, in order to bring you the best car rental service. We will help you a price best for your pocket and compare an array of options as well as extra features that suits your needs.

More about Oviedo using Rental car Oviedo

The city of Oviedo is the capital of Asturias in the Northern Spain and is the administrative and a commercial hub of the region. The city is situated about 12 miles south of Gijon and Aviles cities that are located on the shoreline of Biscay Bay.

Oviedo is located between Rivers Nora and Nalon. The altitude of the region is between 80 and 709 meter above the sea level. The town is shielded against strong winds by Sierra del Aramo to the south and in the north by Monte Narnco. However, the city center is a bit hilly.

Discover the heritage of Oviedo using Car rental Oviedo

Oviedo’s oceanic climate is similar to what is experienced in the neighboring Gijon, but with small variations is temperature. August is the hottest month with temperatures averaging at 23.3 °C. However, the city center is situated on a lower elevation therefore making it milder throughout the year. The city’s maritime position makes winters much milder as compared to the continental Spain and Madrid. However, summers are less hot than the interior.

The city of Oviedo has a rich architectural history, with most of the structures dating back to the Medieval era. A good example is the Catedral De San Salvador, which is Oviedo’s fascinating cathedral complex and the city’s artistic and spiritual masterpiece. The center spans a millennium of architectural designs, while a majority of the building was designed in baroque and Gothic styles.

Palacio de Santa Maria del Naranco

This is a narrow palace that is believed to have been built by Ramiro (I) who was Alfonso II’s successor. This is an exquisite example of the city’s breathtaking Romanesque architect. The palace is located on the slopes of Monte Naranco approximately 3.5 kilometers north of Oviedo.

Gijon and Aviles are the well-known cities around Oviedo. Gijon is a dynamic city where you can enjoy, surfing, biking, football, and you can find sand castles and a population of friendly people. The city is graced with a warm climate where you can enjoy local life at any time of the year. Aviles center hides a humongous historical patrimony as well as a beautiful urban center. In Aviles, you will have an opportunity to taste some of the most delicious local food in renowned restaurants as well as cider bars.

Take a road trip to Oviedo using car hire Oviedo

San Mateo is Oviedo’s major festival and takes place in the third week of September. This is perhaps the best time to visit the city. However, the most important days Dia de San Mateo and Dia de America falls on 21st and 19th, respectively. You can visit the pre-Romanesque Churches of Santa Maria Del Naranco San Miguel de Lillo. You can take a walk on the hillside to have scenic view of the city. The villages of Cangas de Ovis and Covadonga. Offers a good view of the Picos de Europa mountain range. However, you can choose to visit any village to the east and this won’t disappoint.

Fontan a renowned market in Oviedo

You can take a trip to the heart of the old Oviedo using car hire Oviedo. Here you will come across a market that has preserved the primitive tradition of Asturias. The area was previously a natural lagoon in the outskirts of the town. However, city’s nobles have converted this region into a recreation center. Visiting the city of Oviedo using car rental Oviedo won’t disappoint. You should check with HAPPYCAR for a price comparison. We will help you get the best rates available from hundreds of car rental companies.