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from $22 per day
rental period of 6 days

This offer was found on 03/03/2020 08:41 AM.

This offer was found on 03/03/2020 08:41 AM.



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This offer was found on 03/03/2020 08:41 AM.

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The happycar team was able to help me organize my complicated pickup requests. Really helpful!
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Hired a convertible and enjoyed the Mediterranean sun, what more could one ask for?
Rating of Rosie C.- 07/20/2015 02:28 AM
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Rental Car Puerto Montt

You cannot imagine Chile without also picturing Puerto Montt. The city is among the top destinations for both domestic and foreign tourists. Once in the city, you can have a view of escarpments on either side. Also, the city is a gateway not just to a single lake but several. If you wish to travel to Patagonia, the city acts as a gateway. Surely if you love nature and desire to view a unique scenery at a go, then hurry and visit Puerto Montt. Once in the city forget the hardships associated with traveling in the city. With the online comparison portal HAPPYCAR, you will not get stranded as far as booking rental cars is concerned. The company analyses all car rental Puerto Montt services and gives an economic comparison. Moreover, while on its website you can hire car Puerto Montt at the comfort of your room as we check the prices of international and local providers so that you don’t have to check each website to provide you with the best deals on a car hire to make your money go further on a rental car that fits your specific needs. You have the options of choosing car size, pick up location and type of insurance to ensure you get the best deal on a great car hire!

Rental Car Puerto Montt, the source of the city

It was only until the Germans colonized the southern Chile that the town sprouted. However, its growth was rapid that it even surpassed other ancient urban centers. The main reason that contributed to the daily enlargement of the city was its strategic position in the Chilean Central Valley. It acted as a gate way to the lakes of Chiloé Archipelago, Llanquihue, and Nahuel Huapi. The city, in the late 20th century, allowed Chile to raise to the second producer of salmon in the world. However, after the salmon aquaculture crisis, the city became redundant as far as development was concerned. Had it not been for the excellent and modernized rental car Puerto Montt the city would have fallen. With the car hire Puerto Montt, the city was rejuvenated, and new opportunities explored. Today, if you wish to view the ancient buildings by German architects, you just hire car Puerto Montt and traverse the city’s streets. Also, once you book your car hire, you will travel to all historical and cultural sites within the city. Business seminars and conferences south of Santiago are held in the city and so if you desire a nice place for business engagement just seek the services of enterprise rental cars.

Discover the untold story of Puerto Montt

You could be having prior information of the sites and services offered at Puerto Montt, but on arriving in the city, you will realize that what you know about the city is even negligible. Always seek for car hire Puerto Montt to visit and view unique and fascinating sites. One such site that even when you view it on social platforms will still look strange to see it is the Chinquihue Stadium. The stadium though common, will fascinate you once inside it. Set aside one of your weekends afternoons and watch a soccer game in the stadium. Even if you are not a soccer fan, just go! By the end of the game, you won’t even look at the game but will keep glaring and wonder how such designs was first thought off and then implemented.

Why you must go for a road trip in Puerto Montt

The neighborhood of the city just calls by itself. You don’t have to hesitate but heed to the appealing nature and follow one route from the city. You don’t need to be familiar with anyone nor anyplace, just seek the car rental Puerto Montt service and enjoy your trip. Skip waiting in line and book a rental car so you can make the most of your vacation. Bigger cars best suit the terrain of the city and they are at your disposal. Every route is appealing. However, if you love beautiful natural scenery your rental car Puerto Montt, should head to Petrohue Waterfalls and Osorno Volcano. The ecosystem around the mouth of river Pescado will appeal to your eyes.

If you drive up to the north, just to the west of Santiago, you can discover the city of Valparasio. When you visit here, you can experience the Ascensor Concepción where you will have a view of the oldest elevator used in the city and which is powered by steam. You should also drive your car hire to Plaza Matriz, which is the historical heart of the city. It was established in the early 19th century and was the first church to occupy the same site that the original chapel was built.

There is so much to see in this part of the country and we are here to make your dreams come true. The HAPPYCAR team wishes you a pleasant journey!