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Climate chart Qatar

max 72°F min 61°F
max 79°F min 63°F
max 90°F min 66°F
max 95°F min 77°F
max 106°F min 82°F
max 111°F min 88°F
max 104°F min 90°F
max 109°F min 91°F
max 108°F min 86°F
max 100°F min 79°F
max 93°F min 75°F
max 77°F min 63°F

Weekly overview Qatar

Weather Qatar 14 days

Thursday 20-06-2024 Sunny/Clear 93°F / 111°F
Friday 21-06-2024 Sunny/Clear 90°F / 104°F
Saturday 22-06-2024 Sunny/Clear 90°F / 104°F
Sunday 23-06-2024 Sunny/Clear 91°F / 109°F
Monday 24-06-2024 Sunny/Clear 91°F / 111°F
Tuesday 25-06-2024 Sunny/Clear 93°F / 109°F
Wednesday 26-06-2024 Sunny/Clear 91°F / 109°F
Thursday 27-06-2024 Sunny/Clear 91°F / 106°F
Friday 28-06-2024 Sunny/Clear 88°F / 102°F
Saturday 29-06-2024 Sunny/Clear 93°F / 113°F
Sunday 30-06-2024 Sunny/Clear 93°F / 109°F
Monday 01-07-2024 Sunny/Clear 91°F / 109°F
Tuesday 02-07-2024 Sunny/Clear 91°F / 109°F
Wednesday 03-07-2024 Sunny/Clear 91°F / 113°F

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Qatar attractions and Travel Tips

Qatar is an emirate located on the east coast of the Arabian Peninsula on the Persian Gulf. There is an monarchy in the country. Islam is the state religion and Sharia is the basis for legislation.

The state of Qatar is located on a peninsula and borders with its southern border with Saudi Arabia. In the northwest off the coast lies Bahrain. The length of the country from south to north is about 110 miles and from west to east about 50 miles. The national territory includes some islands. The population is about 2.2 million.

The most important sources of income is mainly natural gas and oil and fertilizers. Also, the paid provision of deployment and resting places of the US Army contribute in part as revenue.

Qatar has the world's third largest conventional natural gas reserves, accounting for 14%. Today, about 60% of the gross domestic product is still generated by gas and oil.

 Qatar is seeking to diversify gas and oil revenues and to invest the excess revenues in international equity investments. Especially for this purpose, a Qatar Fund was created in the state-owned Qatar Investment Authority (YIA), whose investment capital is ready to reach hundreds of billions of US dollars. In the meantime, various holdings in the European and American wholesale industry took place.

Explore the Doha area by rental car Qatar

After landing in the capital of Qatar, Doha, by plane the exploration of the capital takes place with Rental Car Qatar. There are about 530,000 people in Doha. Doha is accessible both by plane and by ship. Doha has a well-developed infrastructure, as most people in Doha also speak English. The visit can be made all year round. In summer, however, temperatures may rise to over 50 degrees. When visiting Doha, however, one must always be prepared for a hot and dry air.

Doha was built in 1850 as a residence. Nevertheless, one or the other old house has been preserved from the not too long history. This is now to explore with Rental Car Qatar. First, you should take a look at the old town with its small houses and winding markets (the so-called Soug). At the harbor is also the old Doha Fort. You can also visit the old life form in the Katara Cultural Village.

Today, however, the modern Doha determines life. Here, the Mreisheib Enrichment Center offers a very interesting insight into today's life in Doha. Also worth seeing with the car rental Qatar is the Film City. There are the Qatari film studios, where many films from the Middle East are filmed. Also interesting is the current zoo with a modern aquarium. In addition, one should then visit the Islamic Art Museum, the Qatar National Museum and the Doha Ethnographic Museum.

If you want to relax then from the car rental Qatar something, you can do that in the many spas in the city (there is a lot of wellness offered) or on the beach. Also, excursions by boat and boat, snorkeling and swapping or swimming can be recommended there.

If you want to be even more athletic then you can have fun in Doha with tennis. There is a separate sports complex for this one sport. The visit of shopping malls, such as Villagio or City Center are in great demand. In the old town of Doha you come into contact with numerous small boutiques. There you will also find small restaurants where you can eat comfortably.

If you want to do something outside of the city, then guided tours in the desert are also recommended by experienced guides.

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