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Rental Car Savannah (GA)

Savannah is a coastal city in Georgia, separated from South Carolina by the Savannah River. The city is popular for its manicured parks, antebellum architecture, and horse drawn carriages. Savannah is a historical town graced with cobble-stoned squares as well as parks like the Forsyth Park filled with oak tress covered with the Spanish moss. At the heart of the picturesque district is the Gothic-Revival Cathedral. With the city offering endless attractions, it’s then easy to miss out a few highlights. There are hundreds of things to do in the city, and it can really be difficult scaling down the list of things you’d want in your schedule. The best way to organize your trip to Savannah is to hire a car from HAPPYCAR. This is a price comparison portal that lets you compare prices from other car rental dealers around the world. Price comparison is the best way to get competitive prices and a car that suits all your travel needs. HAPPYCAR partners with other car rental companies, such as Hertz, AutoEurope, and Avis, so you can’t miss a deal. HAPPY CAR is the way to go if you need car hire Savannah services.

Discover the city using car rental Savannah

There are just a few southern destinations, which are quintessentially southern as Savannah. This is a pedestrian-friendly favorite for your family and one that’s a bit affordable than Charleston and a bit tamer than New Orleans. Savannah offers more than just the cobble-stoned streets stuffed with moss-laden oaks.

The Forsyth Park

The Forsyth Park adds charm to already beautiful historic district of Savannah. A breathtaking, green, lush landscape, it’s in full swing with both locals and visitors from elsewhere. You’ll find here about 30 acres of foliage, trees, and flowers. There’s almost something going on here, maybe open air concerts and a farmers’ market that's normally open every Saturday. The Park is home to some of the most photographed spots in the city. It’s huge beautiful fountain is Instagram-worthy.

The Owens-Thomas House

If you’re into architecture, then you might have heard of this Savannah staple, but still if you’re not into architecture, you can still have some insights into luxury living and history. There’s no better place than the Owens-Thomas House. Built in 1819, this is a prime example of English Regency architecture that’s large enough to fit an entire block. The house was designed by an English architect, built by a Bermuda merchant, and later bought by a congressman.

The Telfair Museum of Art

Housed in a classical Regency Mansion, the museum is the oldest art museum in the south designed by an English architect and later sold out to the son of the governor of Georgia. The building was completed in 1819 and stayed within the same family up to 1875 when the last surviving member of the family donated the house and all its furnishing to the Georgia Historical Society. The house was later expanded and a rotunda and sculpture gallery added.

Take a road trip through Savannah using Car Hire Savannah

The city market is best place to start with the road trip. The market is in easy reach of all your attractions in Savannah. It features four blocks of open air shopping, restored warehouses with tons of extras to shop, and dining and art. The market can be a nice spot just to sit and watching people as it features several open air concerts in the square. The market is also home to a few bars so it won’t be a surprise finding that the evening crowd gets a bit rambunctious.

Savannah City is in close proximity to Tybee Island and Eden, which also offer a variety of attractions worth your sight. Tybee Island is popular for its wide, sandy beaches and the Tybee Island Light Station and Museum. You can then head to Eden and you can’t miss something to fascinate you.

Rental Car Savannah services can come in handy to get you around your favorite destinations. However, this can’t be possible without prior price comparison. At HAPPYCAR, we offer you a car to fit all your travel needs, whether traveling as a group or as an individual. You’ll have the option to choose size of car, pick-up location, and type of insurance.