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Rental Car South Dakota

South Dakota is a state in the US and is named after the native tribes of Dakota and Lakota. The Missouri river dissects the state into two halves commonly referred to by the locals as “west river” and “east river”. As South Dakota is well located at the center of the country, it offers beautiful urban attractions. The lush woodlands and moonlike badlands protruding into the sky are just the ideal sceneries you wish to see. Vacationers are brought here by the inspiring monuments, spectacular vistas and natural wonders. The state is served by several airports that include Rapid City regional airport and Sioux Falls Regional Airport. South Dakota has continually become a destination for holidays and vacations thanks to the landscape that provides unique opportunities.

Whether you come here with an interest in history, culture, business or nature get yourself a car hire in South Dakota to make your trip worthwhile. HAPPYCAR provides you great and amazing deals on cheap car rentals. Once you book a car from us, we give you one that best suits your needs ensuring that as a customer, you get value for your money.

Renting a car will give you advantage of having a great time to bond with your business partners, friends or family. You also get to save up time looking around for other means of transport or worrying about missing a bus. Move freely and comfortably by getting a rental car in South Dakota. We take great care in ensuring that we meet our customers’ needs. Some of our experienced and professional partners include, AutoEurope, CarDelMar, and Avis. 

South Dakota

The state is considered to be part of the Midwest. It is generally in the great plains region. The state has a continental climate. It continues to attract more tourists due to glacier carved lakes, the amazing plains and towering granite spires. The economy of the city is driven by service industry which is its largest contributor. This particular sector includes healthcare, finance and retail. The agricultural sector as well as tourism are also important sectors of the economy of South Dakota. The capital is Pierre, while Sioux Falls is the largest city of the state.

Discover South Dakota with your car hire in South Dakota

If you are interested in culture, business, history or just nature, South Dakota has great places for you to see. They include;

Mount Rushmore National Monument.

It is one of the prominent tourist attractions here. The heads of presidents Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington are carved into the mountain’s side. Rocks of over 400,000 tons were blasted from the mountain during their creation. In the evenings, the monument is illuminated and a patriotic ceremony accompanies it.

The Badlands National Park.

Unique hills and pinnacles are what forms are what make up the dramatic landscape. The amazing experience here is spiced up by the bison herd that roams around the park freely. Ata glance, the place looks strangely inhospitable but the is strangely beautiful and is among the most visited places in South Dakota. There are several view points and parking areas that allow you to have a nice tour of the environment. There are also marked hiking trail.

Mammoth Site.

It is a site in hot springs that features over 60 mammoth bones that have all been discovered in this area. Partially uncovered bones of mammoths can be seen by visitors in abuilding that is climate controlled. There are tour guides available to ensure that you get a hint of the excavation process.

Day Road Trips.

Once you have arrived here, get a car rental in South Dakota and get the adventurous trip going. You can check out Deadwood, the kitschy gambling town. The town nestled in the black hills has a lot of history the graves of calamity Jane and Wild Bill. You can also drive down to the Spearfish Canyon that is a beautiful area with stunning waterfalls, plenty of ponderosa and pine trees. You can also visit the Sertoma Butterfly House and Marine Cove that has an assortment of marine life and free-flying butterflies.