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Rental Car Venezuela

Venezuela is a multifaceted country of impressive scenery, diverse wildlife, and colorful culture. From Andean peaks to vast stretches of Caribbean coastline, Amazon jungles to looming flat-topped mountains, this country has it all. HAPPYCAR, the online comparison portal, is here to help you find the best car hire Venezuela has to offer so you can take full advantage of this vibrant country. We check the prices of international and local providers so that you don’t have to check each website, and provide you with the best deals on a car rental Venezuela to make your money go further with a car that will fit your specific travel needs. Having a car hire allows you to go beyond the borders of Venezuela to countries like Brazil and Colombia.

General Information

Venezuela, originally inhabited by Carib, Arawak, and the Chibcha indigenous tribes, was discovered by Columbus in 1498. The native Venezuelans enjoyed the bountiful resources provided by nature and survived mostly off of the river, ocean, and land. The Chibcha’s, who lived on the slopes of the Andes, possessed formidable agricultural skills, having built terraces and sophisticated irrigation channels. Venezuela was governed less harshly under Spanish rule than other South American countries, mainly because Venezuela possessed no immediate economic value, as it did not have any natural resources to be exploited. A quiet outpost of the Spanish empire, Venezuela was the birthplace of the man who would eventually free South America from the Spanish hold, Simon Bolivar. Following Venezuela’s independence in 1821, the country experienced a series of dictators and political turmoil, the latter which still to this day makes the country’s future uncertain. The discovery of oil on Venezuelan soil in the early part of the 20th century has placed the nation in a favorable economic position, although the country’s fate is too often reliant on the oil price.

Nowhere else in the country will you find such a wide-ranging array of cultural activity, outstanding museums, and eclectic cuisine as in the capital city, Caracas. HAPPYCAR makes it easy to explore this area with pick up locations at the Caracas Airport. Situated along a plateau separated from the sea by imposing lush mountains, the city is an amalgamation of dense urban life, progressive modernism, and traditional values. The city features a slew of interesting museums, chief of which is the Museum of Modern Art, the enlightened exhibitions perfectly mirror the attitude of the city. Over 3,000 pieces of art are displayed in the museum, from famous painters including Botero and Picasso. Visitors wishing to get a further glimpse into Venezuela’s rich history can visit the Museo Bolivarano, which features exhibitions relating to the famous liberator of South America.


Take advantage of your Venezuela car hire

While in Venezuela, you should take the opportunity to make the most of your rental car. Explore the country’s beautiful interior, with its rainforests, peaks, and wildlife, or take a drive along the breathtaking Caribbean coasts and visit one of the many seaside towns. The country features the largest waterfall in the world, Angel Falls. At 979 meters high, the waterfall crashes down into a veritable paradise of jungle vegetation and varied wildlife. The falls are located in the Canaima National Park, which is home to various interesting species of wildlife; pumas, jaguars, porcupines, armadillos, giant anteaters, otters, three toed sloths, capybaras, and tapirs all roam freely in the reserve. Here you will also found Mount Roraima, the epic setting of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World, over 1.6 billion years old, this impressive table-top mountain lies at over 2,810 meters above sea level, and is often enshrouded in mist, giving it a mysterious feeling.

La Isla Margarita, located off the northern coast of Venezuela, is a favorite destination for locals and tourists alike. Its crisp sapphire waters are reminiscent of the exotic Bahamas, and its awe-inspiring panoramic vista of the shoreline will surely leave you with a lasting impression. The island also enjoys beautiful white-sand beaches perfect for a relaxing day by the water.

Venezuela’s Parque Nacional Mochima, a mainland park chiefly consisting of mangroves, mountainous coastlines, and striking sandy coves, is another worthy attraction the country has to offer. Rising from the coastline into the mountains, you will find copious lush vegetation home to a multitude of flora and fauna, orchids and ferns, as well as around 28 reptile species and 78 mammal species are found here

Book now with HAPPYCAR and take full advantage of the flexibility and freedom of a Venezuela car rental. Our quick and online service provides you with a great springboard into your adventures. The HAPPYCAR team wishes you a pleasant journey!