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from $26 per day
rental period of 3 days

This offer was found on 08/03/2020 11:33 AM.

This offer was found on 08/03/2020 11:33 AM.



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This offer was found on 08/04/2020 09:30 AM.

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Rental Car Vigo

Car Rental Vigo


Vigo is a city that is the capital of the Pontevedra Province of the northern Spain located on the coast of Atlantic Ocean. The city is a 1960's boom city with fine urban planning, sitting on a breathtaking natural environment and graced with a cultural drive that surpasses its physical dimensions. This has made it a major tourist destination and perhaps you're planning to visit the city in the next couple of days. For you to have a smooth trip in and around the city, you will have to look for car rental Vigo services. However, before you settle for your preferred car rental company, you need to have done some background search for their charges. This can be a thorny path especially if you don't know where to look for such information. Don't worry because HAPPYCAR is here for you. We will take you through this process and you will find booking your preferred car hassle-free. Several rental car companies, for example Hertz, CarDelMar, and Enterprise, have partnered with us so as to give the best that is in the car rental industry.

More about rental car Vigo

Vigo was part of the Galician speaking towns in the middle ages. The city was attacked several times and as a result walls shielding the city were constructed in the middle 17th century and some portions are still preserved to date.

The Vigo estuary is one of the treasures of the city. It is located further south of the Rias Baixas and is swallowed in the earth to join river waters. Valley edges extend upwards to form mountains on the edge of the coastal plain forming a string of unique outlines. The estuary is protected by the islands of Cies, a park and a gateway to the estuary from the ocean. The Vigo sea is a paradise of its kind. It is endowed with cool and calm waters and a myriad of marine life. Traditional hatcheries, nurseries of the estuary mussel, as well as silhouettes of the ocean liners float freely on the sea.

Discover the riches of Vigo using car hire Vigo

Vigo's climate can be defined as oceanic. However, the city experiences warmer and dried summers as well as milder winters as compared to other regions under the same climate classification. There is plenty of rainfall in most times of the year, therefore the climate cannot be described as being Mediterranean. Main sights you might want to visit in Vigo include the Celtic Castro ruins, Casco Vello, and Castro fortress.

Take a road trip to the Vigo city using car rental Vigo

The city of Vigo is a paradise that can be reached by train, car, or air. The city is graced with a marvelous bay, Vigo estuary, making it Europe's most critical sea port. Largest cruise ships can dock here for a stopover on their voyages to other parts of the world. You can make your way to Vigo through the Vigo-Peinador Airport that is just 15km from the city center. The airport serves a number of national routes and also international ones. For instance, Air France flies from the airport to Paris, and this might mean other destinations such as Brussels, and London depending on demand.

While in Vigo, you can visit the Vigo's kilometer zero. This is a special point from where all distances were measured. This is a famous point of reference. Don't forget to visit the hill of Guia, which is a special landmark. The hill has been a reference point for sailors docking to the port for many centuries now. However, the hill has now become one of the region's most preferred park owing to the panoramic views you get over Vigo City.

Later in the evening, you can walk in the Tia Brigida restaurant for dinner. If you're into seafood, then this restaurant is just perfect for you. Thereafter, you can have a glass of queimada that is made from Galician aguardiente, which is a spirit extracted from wine and seasoned with lemon peel, cinnamon, and coffee beans.

If you wish to visit the city of Vigo, make sure you get the best car hire Vigo services. You can do this by visiting and compare car deals from the local suppliers. We will help you save up to 60% on all rental charges.