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from $43 per day
rental period of 9 days

This offer was found on 09/06/2020 04:53 AM.

This offer was found on 09/06/2020 04:53 AM.

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Rental Car Belgium

With car hire Belgium, it is easy to get to any city in the country within an hour or two. HAPPYCAR recommends as satellite navigation for your car rental in Belgium as the road signs are written in three different languages. Driving through the beautifully preserved cities of Belgium you will find great views of the historic cities. HAPPYCAR is here to help you find the best deal on rental car. We compare all of the major websites.

General Information

This small country lies on the coast of the North Sea. Belgium has the unique quality of having three official languages and therefore it is split into three different sections: French, German and Dutch. It is one third of the economic union of Benelux which is comprised of Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. At its longest point, the country’s has a maximum distance of 300 kilometers. This makes Belgium the perfect country to hire a car.


The Flanders region is located in the north and is the Dutch speaking area of the country. Some of the most popular cities in this region are: Antwerp, Bruges and Ghent. Brussels is the smallest region in the center of the country and in surrounded by the Flanders region. The southern region of Belgium is called Wallonia. The official language is French but there is a small German speaking part near the German border. It is important to remember the official language of the region you are visiting and to speak this language or English. It is considered disrespectful to speak for instance to speak Dutch in the French region.


The country is world famous for its high quality chocolate and over 2,000 chocolatiers. The quality is maintained by a law dating back to 1884 which requires chocolate to have a minimum of 35% pure cocoa.

Belgium beer is undoubtedly one of the most popular exports from the country. There are over 700 brews to quench your thirst. Cafes, restaurants and pubs all offer great selections for you to get acquainted with one of Belgium’s award winning beers.

A source of national pride for the country is the “Belgian School of Comic Books." There are a number of famous comic book artists coming from the country, particularly from Brussels. It is common to find comic book merchandise including figurines and hardcover editions in shops.


Brussels: The bilingual capital city is the home of the European Union headquarters. There are many historic buildings located within the city center. Among them is the Grand Place which includes a Gothic town hall and Baroque style guildhalls. Here you will also find the Magritte Museum, the Royal Museum of Fine Arts and the Comic Museum. With its central location, Brussels is a great starting point when you are interested in day trips to other popular Belgium cities.

Antwerp: Located on the Scheldt River, this is Belgium’s second largest city. It is well known as being one of the largest ports in Europe. The massive Gothic cathedral, Our Lady, is a well-known landmark of the city. Antwerp is a city exploding with Belgian fashion and jewelry designers. It is well known for the Royal Academy of Fine Arts which is currently one of the most important fashion academies in Europe.

Bruges: Historically, this city was one of the wealthiest in the 14th century. The city center is filled with medieval marvels that create a historically charming atmosphere. Bruges has the nickname ‘Venice of the North’ due to the large number of canals located in the city. The city is quaint and has a small town feel. The city shuts down at night. The majority of places to stay and eat are small or family owned businesses.

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