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Climate chart Berlin

max 43°F min 37°F
max 45°F min 36°F
max 54°F min 36°F
max 54°F min 41°F
max 68°F min 52°F
max 79°F min 59°F
max 81°F min 61°F
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max 50°F min 41°F
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Weekly overview Berlin

Weather Berlin 7 days

Thursday 18-04-2024 Patchy rain possible 36°F / 54°F
Friday 19-04-2024 Moderate rain 39°F / 48°F
Saturday 20-04-2024 Patchy rain possible 39°F / 48°F
Sunday 21-04-2024 Cloudy 34°F / 48°F
Monday 22-04-2024 Patchy rain possible 32°F / 45°F
Tuesday 23-04-2024 Sunny/Clear 34°F / 54°F
Wednesday 24-04-2024 Patchy rain possible 39°F / 52°F
Thursday 25-04-2024 Patchy rain possible 37°F / 48°F
Friday 26-04-2024 Patchy rain possible 39°F / 48°F
Saturday 27-04-2024 Overcast 37°F / 54°F
Sunday 28-04-2024 Patchy rain possible 43°F / 57°F
Monday 29-04-2024 Patchy rain possible 41°F / 48°F
Tuesday 30-04-2024 Patchy rain possible 41°F / 54°F
Wednesday 01-05-2024 Patchy rain possible 43°F / 54°F

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Berlin attractions and Travel Tips

The capital and largest city of Germany, Berlin has a population of 4.5 million. One of the most historically associated cities in the world, having experienced totalitarianism, fascism, communism and democracy, for a fairly young city, founded in 1237, Berlin has experienced it all. Taking a car hire Berlin is one of the best ways to experience this fascinating city, with so many local and international providers, let HAPPYCAR find you the best offer. With convenient locations like Berlin Tegel Airport, your vacation can start once you get off the plane.

General information

Berlin was the capital of the kingdom of Prussia for 200 years, it was during the reign of Frederick the Great that Berlin became one of the most enlightened cities in Europe. In 1871 following victory in the Franco-Prussian war, Berlin became the capital of the newly created German Empire. With the end of the First World War, the Weimer Republic was proclaimed and Berlin became one of the leading cities in the roaring twenties. Being the capital of the Third Reich, Berlin was heavily destroyed by Allied aircraft and invading Soviet forces with some monuments being left destroyed to never forget what happened. At the end of the war Berlin, was split in four zones, one for each of the Allies with the Soviet controlled east building the infamous Berlin Wall. Once the Soviet Union fell, the People's Republic of Germany (West Germany) and the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) reunifying and becoming the capital of Germany once again in 1990. Berlin’s history is reflected in its buildings, its culture and its multicultural population. Take your rental car for a drive the different neighborhoods and experience it for yourself.


The Brandenburg Gate was built in 1791 and it has been witness to many famous historical events. With the defeat of Prussia during the Napoleonic war, the Quadriga was taken to Paris on Napoleon´s orders and it was returned to Berlin in 1814. Heavily destroyed during the Second World War, the Gate was restored at the being of the new millennia.

Berlin Victory Column was designed to commemorate the Prussian victory in the second Schleswig Holstein war in 1864 and by the time the column was complete, Prussia had also been victorious in wars against Austria in 1866 and France in 1870 thus the column was used to commemorate victory over the French.

The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe is a unique kind of memorial. The memorial to remember those who were killed in the Holocaust, consists of concrete slabs on a sloped ground in a grid system with the intention to make you feel how many people lost their lives as the walls tower over you and full encompass you. The memorial is worth a visit, the unusual form of it has led to praise and criticism.


Berlin has over 170 museums to offer throughout the city and greater area, the most famous area being Museum Island, Frederick the Great named the area the center of art and science. The island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and houses five museums including, The Altes Museum, The Neue Museum, The Pergamon Museum, The Alte Nationalgalerie and the Bode Museum. The Berlin Wall Museum on the site of the checkpoint Charlie is also recommended for those who are interested in the city during the cold war. East Side Gallery is an outdoor exhibit that showcases the different pieces of the painted Berlin Wall.


Take your rental car Berlin to the famous Olympia stadium, the national stadium for Germany and also the home to Berlin's Bundesliga team, Hertha Berlin. The stadium has a capacity of 70,000 and it was the site of the famous 1936 Olympics.

Excursions with your hire car

With your car rental Berlin, you have the opportunity to visit some of the surrounding destinations.

Potsdam, the capital city of the state of Brandenburg, is over 1000 years old. The city is famous for its stunning architecture, within the city there are many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, one of which being the Sanssouci Palace, the summer residence of King Frederick the Great and seen as the German Versailles. Or take your car across the border to explore other countries, like Poland which is just only over 100km to the east, and the Netherlands which is situated just over 500km  to the west. Anything is possible when you can skip the lines at the bus and train station to book your next rental car with HAPPYCAR.