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Climate chart Burgos

max 43°F min 32°F
max 50°F min 32°F
max 50°F min 37°F
max 55°F min 37°F
max 72°F min 46°F
max 81°F min 52°F
max 93°F min 55°F
max 90°F min 57°F
max 75°F min 52°F
max 73°F min 52°F
max 55°F min 41°F
max 43°F min 34°F

Weekly overview Burgos

Weather Burgos 7 days

Tuesday 05-12-2023 Partly cloudy 32°F / 43°F
Wednesday 06-12-2023 Sunny/Clear 30°F / 45°F
Thursday 07-12-2023 Moderate rain 36°F / 43°F
Friday 08-12-2023 Patchy rain possible 36°F / 46°F
Saturday 09-12-2023 Partly cloudy 32°F / 45°F
Sunday 10-12-2023 Fog 41°F / 50°F
Monday 11-12-2023 Sunny/Clear 43°F / 55°F
Tuesday 12-12-2023 Sunny/Clear 45°F / 54°F
Wednesday 13-12-2023 Patchy rain possible 41°F / 46°F
Thursday 14-12-2023 Patchy rain possible 36°F / 41°F
Friday 15-12-2023 Patchy rain possible 37°F / 41°F
Saturday 16-12-2023 Patchy rain possible 36°F / 37°F
Sunday 17-12-2023 Sunny/Clear 30°F / 39°F
Monday 18-12-2023 Sunny/Clear 30°F / 43°F

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Burgos attractions and Travel Tips

Burgos is a city in the north of Spain and is considered, historically, to have been the capital city of Castille. Today, Castille does not have official recognition in terms of known boundaries, but throughout the history books, it is commonly mentioned, and widely referred to as the 'land of castles' because of the numerous architectural marvels in form of castles and Cathedrals. It borders Valladolid which is located to its south-west and Bilbao to its north. The city is said to have been founded in 884 by Diego Rodriguez who was a count of Castille, as an (administrative) outpost of the regime at the time. Burgos grew and thrived until at one point it distinguished itself as independent, and a few centuries later (11th Century), it became the Kingdom of Castille. Nowadays, it is a city with a population of roughly 180,000 inhabitants with the metropolitan section accounting for an extra 20,000 people. The urbanization has been slow owing to the numerous historic buildings and as such, it is difficult to manoeuver around, which is why you need to hire a car via a car rental in Burgos

Advantages of HAPPYCAR

HAPPYCAR is an online company which specializes in car hires. When you travel to a foreign city, it can be really difficult adjusting or finding the quality of service that suits you. We at HAPPYCAR have partnered with companies such as Thrifty, Hertz, Dollar Rent a Car, Thrifty, and Thrifty, which have a clientele around the continent and specialize in tours and even business trips. Upon visiting our website, you can proceed to search 'car hire Burgos' and the results will indicate which of our partners can be able to offer their distinguished services, usually starting with the cheapest and most affordable. After confirming, you get a car and a designated driver who is familiar with the environs. If you change your mind thereafter, you can cancel your booking within 48 hours without any risk.

General Info on Burgos

Burgos is a major tourist destination in Spain to the extent the historic Cathedral of Burgos was declared by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation), a World Heritage Site in 1984, meaning it is protected by international treaties because of its significance in humanity, particularly influencing art (sculpting) and architectural styles. Almost the entire surrounding area, immediately after stepping out of the Cathedral, still has a large number of residential houses, churches, and palaces which have existed since medieval times. By aiming to preserve this heritage, urbanization efforts have been few and apart and hence a modernized transport network has been difficult to thrive, which is why it is advisable to use a rental car in Burgos for convenience.

Rental Car Burgos - Plan and Tour In Style

When in Burgos, taking a simple walk can be the best way to cover most of older parts of the city. In the area surrounding the Burgos Cathedral, the streets are narrow, since they were designed for small carriages and horses. However, there are portions of the city which have been urbanized, with road networks which would allow you to take a tour within the city, albeit in a small car, in one of the 10 museums. The effectiveness of a car rental in Burgos is that once you get to the older parts of the city such as a visit to the 11th Century Abbey of Santa Maria you can always count on the driver to, for instance, drop you off and have him/her wait for you at a designated pick up point. Since you rented the car, you do not incur periodic charges such as those from a cab service.

Roadtrip Burgos - Explore The City Efficiently

A road trip in Burgos is guaranteed to be a memorable experience. I mean what better way to ascertain the richness of a region than to have 10 museums all of which are unique to each other. One of which is a book museum inspired by the works of the author Siloé while the other focuses on the historical artifacts amassed by the elite, creatives, and sculptors over the centuries. You will need a car hire in Burgos once you visit the museum of human evolution where there are remains of early forms of man because the tour extends to either the biological park or the archeological site where the remains were found, which is kilometers away! So, book a rental car with us today.