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Rental Car Czech Republic

Prague is the big draw but the Czech Republic is a country with an exciting history that deserves to be explored. Situated in the heart of Europe and surrounded by Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Austria, the Czech Republic is a young nation sitting on very old land. HAPPYCAR is here to help you find the best car hire Czech Republic has to offer so you can take full advantage of this generous country. A Czech Republic car hire is available from all major international airports, like the Prague Airport. We check the prices of international and local providers so that you don’t have to check each website, and provide you with the best deals to make your money go further with your specific vacation needs.

General Information

The Czech state known as Bohemia, was formed in the late 9th century around Prague, and after an intense period became a republic in 1993 and has since been carving their place as an independent nation in Europe. People from many different cultures have settled across the small country over the years and have built up a beautiful complement of castles, monasteries and mansions that often come together to create a unique snapshot of the past. The Czech Republic is also host to a beautiful variety of forests, something that a car hire in Czech Republic can access for you.


Prague, the city of a hundred spires, has transformed from a Communist capital to a western metropolis in a short space of time. Armed with the powerful combination of Bohemian art, stunning architecture and quality beer, it is a popular stop for tourists. Once home to the Austro-Hungarian elite and immortalized in Kafka’s writings, Prague is regarded by many as Europe’s most charming city, and its pebbled lanes are perfect for visitors to wander hidden courtyards and old-fashioned bars in the Old Town Square. Prague Castle is a must-see, as it was once the heart of the Holy Roman Empire and now home to the Czech president and a number of crown jewels. Equally imperative is the Prague Beer Museum, a popular place for natives with no around 31 different types of beers on tap.


The greater region of western Czech Republic is Bohemia, with a wild assortment of winding rivers and deep forests alongside charming castles and chateaus. Here you can find gems that range widely in architectural style, such as the UNESCO-protected Church of St. Barbara and the town of Crumlaw, situated on the Vltava River and crammed with Baroque buildings and the second largest castle in the Czech Republic. You can also venture out to Budweis, a Bohemian metropolis, the city of Pilsen, home to Pilsner beer, or even Karlovy Vary, an idyllic spa set in the woody Sudeten hills. All these areas are accessible within an hour with a Czech Republic car rental.


The Czech Republic is a fantastic place to break away from the big cities and venture further out, and a car hire in Czech Republic is a must to explore this storied country. In the east you can discover Morava, a warmer and more relaxed part of the country compared to Bohemia sharing its borders with Slovakia and Austria. Brno is a bustling city that is worth a visit, and further south is Olomouc, an ancient city that is emerging as a place for the youth.