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from $29 per day
rental period of 10 days

This offer was found on 08/02/2018 05:43 AM.

This offer was found on 08/02/2018 05:43 AM.



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Lots of great tips on the website.
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Using happycar one can really get from A to B in the cheapest way possible.
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Rental Car Denmark

Homeland of many famous tribes throughout history such as the Francs, the Jutes and the famous Vikings, the exodus of these tribes from Denmark throughout Europe means that many of the northern European countries have a lot of Danish ancestry. Nowadays, Denmark is ranked as one of the best places to live and visit, it has the some of the best quality of life as well as some stunning cities and towns for the budding traveller.

The best way to explore this historically rich country is with a car hire Denmark, with pick up locations at the Copenhagen Airport, take in its beautiful cities, small towns and lovely natural scenery in the comfort of your car.


Copenhagen: The capital city, located on an island connected to the mainland by bridges, the population is around 1.9 million. The city has had a turbulent history, being raided by Vikings, British and Germans but it now a beautiful city with much to offer. The city is home to some wonderful sights such as the: Danish royal family and their beautiful palaces, the Little Mermaid statue, the Freetown of Christiania, the Tivoli, Carlsberg beer and many more. Taking a car hire Denmark through the capital city is the best way to see it all.

Elisnore: This small city with a population of just 50,000 is located on the island of Zealand, the city is most famous for being the setting of the famous Shakespeare play ´Hamlet,' but it also has a very impressive castle and historic city center. Kronborg Castle, located very close to Sweden, was built in the 1400 by King Eric of Pomerania. Located in the dungeons of the castle, is the statue of Holger Danske, a great warrior who is said to come back to life if Denmark is in danger.

Located on the Jutland peninsula and surrounded by forests is the city of Aarhus , the city offers some lovely European architecture. Within the city one, will find the open air museum that is the Historical Old Town, it has over 70 historical buildings taken from different towns in Denmark, within it one can visit grocery shops and workshops to get a feel that you are in a real town. The city has some great cafe, where you can relax and enjoy a breakfast or coffee.


With only one land border to the south, Germany, Denmark is surrounded by the coast thus it has many beaches which a well worth a visit in your car hire Denmark. A trip to the Bisnap Beach, in the north jutland located outside the town of Hals, offers a massive beach where you can enjoy a nice stroll or fly a kite.

Mon is famed for having some stunning natural landscapes like the Chalk Cliffs of Mon, surfacing from the last Ice Age and coming at 100 meters high. It is also home to the Liselund Castle, made up of a large garden and several mini castles, as well as one of the oldest churches in Denmark, the Elmelunde Church.

Whatever your reasons for visiting Denmark, the best way to make the most it is with a hire car, enjoy a small city break or take in all Denmark has to offer with a tour of its cities and wonderful natural landscapes.

Within a few clicks you can have you ideal car booked and thus, start your Danish adventure.