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Rental Car Heidelberg

Heidelberg, often called the most beautiful city in Germany, lies nestled in the Odenwald valley along the banks of the Neckar River. The area is well known for its romantic and picturesque landscape and scenery, which each year attracts more than 3.5 million tourists seeking the sun-kissed, grassy Neckar banks and almost tropical climate. Just as the great romantics of the 19th century became enamored with Heidelberg, you will be drawn in by the irresistible charm of this dazzling city. HAPPYCAR is here to help you find the best car hire Heidelberg has to offer so you can take full advantage of this fascinating city. We check the prices of international and local providers so that you don’t have to check each website, and provide you with the best deals to make your money go further.

General Info

Famous the world over for its prestigious university, impressive castle, vast Christmas market, and beautiful scenery, this historical city is a must-see during your stay in Germany. In 550,000 BC, the remains of the precursor to the Neanderthals were found in a wall just South of Heidelberg, the earliest evidence of human life found in Europe. Not until the late 12th century was the name of Heidelberg first utilized, and since then the city has experienced a great many cultural, social, and political victories. In 1386, Heidelberg University was founded by Prince Elector Ruprecht I, making it the oldest university in Germany. Heidelberg enjoys a rich cultural history, which can be seen in its many old buildings and imposing architecture, found mostly in the Altstadt area of the city. Heidelberg castle is perhaps the most important and well-known attraction of the city; building of the castle commenced in the 13th century, and features an amalgamation of Gothic and Renaissance styles.

19th century writer and poet Goethe first came to Heidelberg in 1775, and was immediately enamored by the city of romance. One can hardly blame him; in the summer months, the city is in full bloom, with exotic flora not found elsewhere in Central Europe flourishing in the gardens and parks. The Neckar Wiese, a name attributed to the banks of the Neckar, is a favorite meeting spot for hundreds of people during the day and evening times. People come together here to grill, play football, and enjoy the beautiful picturesque banks of the glistening river.

Travelers wishing to trace the footsteps of important philosophers can take a trip along the Philosophenweg. This trail leads up the southern side of the Heiligenberg, across the Neckar from the castle, and features beautiful scenery and a Zen-like atmosphere. The climate along the trail is more temperate than in the valley, and therefore, in the summer months, you will see a great many exotic plants: lemon trees, pomegranates, cypresses, and palm trees are among many that give this walk a Mediterranean feel.

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Seven miles to the west of Heidelberg lays the town of Schwetzingen; the town is well-known for its impressive array of castle gardens and bustling town square opposite of the castle. The castle, which is more of a palace, features interesting architecture, a newly renovated mosque, and colorful peacocks roaming the grounds. Afterwards you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the town square and mingle with the local townsfolk.

With your rent a car in Heidelberg, you can take the roughly 60 miles trip north of Heidelberg to the bustling metropolis of Frankfurt; this multicultural city is the main transport hub of Germany, and also contains the third largest airport in Europe. Frankfurt is a city of stark contrasts; you will find antiquated buildings set against imposing skyscrapers, business-people sipping their coffees next to alternatively dressed hipsters, and beautiful neighborhoods from the 19th century only a stone’s throw away from the hectic business district.

Book now with HAPPYCAR and take full advantage of the flexibility and freedom your Heidelberg rent a car grants you. Our quick and hassle free service provides you with a great springboard into your adventures. The HAPPYCAR team wishes you a pleasant journey!