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Managed to double book my booking! Thankfully I was able to cancel the second booking at no extra cost
Rating of Karen W.- 07/21/2015 05:25 AM
(4.6 from 5)
Managed to double book my booking! Thankfully I was able to cancel the second booking at no extra cost
Rating of Karen W.- 07/21/2015 05:25 AM
(4 from 5)
First time using Happycar, no problems and good service, highly recommended!
Rating of Rich W.- 07/21/2015 12:16 PM
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Rental Car Hollywood (CA)

Rental Car Hollywood

Hollywood is a neighborhood in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A which considered to be home to the American film industry. It accounts for the largest number of blockbuster movie productions in the U.S.A. As a result, most celebrities in the entertainment industry live within the neighborhood and its environs and it has led to quite a number of luxurious real estate developments. This is because of the affluent personalities live here because of the proximity to the major studios, where a large portion of the motion pictures, are filmed and produced. The city of Hollywood was founded in 1887 and since then, some iconic landmarks have been set up over the past one and a quarter century which make it one of the leading tourist destinations in the region. Some of the notable cities nearby are Los Angeles which is just 10 minutes away (6.5 miles) and Long Beach which is just 32 minutes away (29.8 miles).

Discover Hollywood

Hollywood, is rather a small neighborhood within the Los Angeles municipality and as a result, the key transportation systems are centered outside this area. Heading to your hotel room from the LAX Airport (Los Angeles International Airport) is much easier with a Car Hire in Hollywood from HAPPYCAR. It is a service that allows you to travel in style from the fourth busiest airport in the world. In fact, after arriving at LAX, it can be hectic to get transportation because of the high number of travelers jostling for taxis throughout. HAPPYCAR ensures that all its clientele have an easy time maneuvering through Los Angeles while en route to Hollywood thanks to some of its partnerships that include Avis, AutoEscape, and Argus Car Hire. It is possible to book online where a simple search like 'Rental Car Hollywood' or 'Car rental Hollywood' compares the cheapest available car rentals on the portal. So whether you are traveling alone or in a group, HAPPYCAR ensures that there is a suitable package for everyone.

General Info On Hollywood

Initially, the land where Hollywood sits used to be a barren area, where a small agricultural community thrived in seclusion. It was home to a few immigrants from Mexico and China until H. J. Whitney decided to buy up 480 acres to set up infrastructure that would attract investors and people to live there. By 1900, there was a considerable investment in the region, and by 1902 hotels had been set up. However, the turning point was in 1912, when major motion pictures set up shop and attracted celebrities including actors, socialites, and prominent musicians. These personalities gave the region a much-needed facelift and most of their fans considered settling in Hollywood and the greater Los Angeles area. Some say it is because of the widely publicized celebrity and high-roller lifestyles, that were often depicted in their motion pictures. Over the years, the regional economy became centered around the motion picture industry which also led to some of the monuments and architectural designs to become tourist attractions in the long-run.

Car Rental Hollywood

A Car hire in Hollywood is particularly a smart investment because of the major attractions which are situated within a 3.51 square mile (9.1-kilometer square) radius. Covering such a distance on public means can be quite hectic if not expensive. One of the more famous attractions is the Paramount Pictures studio. It is the only major studio located in Hollywood and it was among the first four of its kind set up here in the early 1920s. Some distance away is the Hollywood Walk of Fame where the sidewalks on the Hollywood Boulevard are embedded with brass stars and they bear names of famous musicians, directors, actors, producers, and even fictional characters. Most people search for the star of their favorite celebrity and then take pictures with it. Using a car rental can be quite useful considering the area has at least 10 million visitors annually and finding your favorite star can take a while. Alternatively, taking pictures at the Museum of Illusions with some fabulous paintings by renowned artists before heading to some of the best restaurants is another option.