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no question about it…I will be booking with happycar again!
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Excellent service, explained everything so I understood as I'm a first time driver
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Used the car for a cross-border trip, checked with the provider before so everything was ok!
Rating of Gregg J.- 07/18/2015 09:28 AM
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Rental Car Latvia

Take a hire car Latvia through HAPPYCAR and explore this historically and culturally rich country. Explore its wonderful cities, get lost in it stunning forests which cover half the country, discover its history with its many medieval castles and old Soviet sites, or just relax on one the country’s great undiscovered white beaches. Using HAPPYCAR you can find the ideal rental car Latvia for your trip at the best price that fit your specific rental needs.

Located in the Baltic region of North Europe, Latvia neighbors Estonia, Russia, Lithuania. The major airport in the city is located in the Capital city Riga, and is the ideal locating to pick up you hire car Latvia. You can pick it up directly at the terminal and from there start your journey through this wonderful country.


The country’s capital city, with a population of around 700,000 people, makes it the second largest in the eastern Baltic. Founded in the 13th century, the city was a former member of the Hanseatic league and is still today a major port in the region. The city has a major Germanic feel due to the amount of German people present throughout its history, which can be seen through the amount of German architecture. The historical center of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site where you can find stunning buildings such as House of Blackheads, which is the site of merchants that built their guilds and part of the building is now a museum. Riga Cathedral, built in the 1200's, is the largest medieval church in the Baltic and one of the most famous landmarks in the city and country. Outside of the inner city, Riga has its own castle dating back to 1515. The capital is also home to some of the best museums in the country, such as the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia and the Museum of War.


This small Latvian city with a population of about 90,000 is the country’s third largest city. The city is famous for the old Russian area named Karosta, which used to be a secret military town for the Russian Empire and then the Soviet Union. Walking around one will find many Tsar era designed buildings as well as some old military buildings like the submarine hanger and the castle. The city of Liepaja, known as the capital of music in Latvia and is also home to some stunning architecture such as its two cathedrals, Saint Trinity's and St. Joseph's. Both places have some fantastic beaches on offer which are well worth a visit with your hire car Latvia, and you will see that the beaches are not touristy. The area is also surrounded by lakes where you can sit and relax and take in the views.


Take your hire car Latvia to this small town found in the region of Vidzeme, one of the historical and cultural regions of the country. Here you will find the stunning Turaida Castle, just a short drive from the actual town. It is said that in Gutmanis Cave, found between the town and castle, if you drink water from the caves creek it increases your lifespan. Should you wish to take in some fresh air, take a walk along the wooded trails of Turaida as well as the castles, palaces and ruins, the town has some great cafes where one can relax and take it all in.

Whatever you are doing with your trip to Latvia, using a rental car gives you the freedom to go where and when you want. Free yourself from the restraints and delays of public transport and get to explore the true Latvia with a rental car that fits your vacation needs.