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Rental Car Russia

Hire car Russia means you can travel in the warmth and comfort of a hire car on your trip to the largest country in the world and take a trip through the cultural diversity of this country. Take in the beautiful mountains, relax by one of the lakes or get lost in some of the picturesque forests. With a country this big, there is some great natural scenery for every taste. As well as the nature attractions, Russia also has some beautiful, historical and interesting cities which you could spend days exploring. Or take your rental car across the border to visit other countries like China, Mongolia, and Finland.


Moscow is the capital city and dates back over 800 years and it blends together many old relics of the USSR, the Russian Empire with modern structures. The city has a population of over 12 million. Moscow is served by three international airports, pick up your hire car Russia from one of these and begin your journey right from the start. There so many on sights on offer in this city, one of the most famous being the Kremlin. It is one the oldest parts of the city as well as the center of Russian politics. Within the building are also a few museums which are worth doing a tour. Right near the Kremlin is the famous Red Square, together they both make up a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On the Square, you will find St. Basil's and the Lenin Mausoleum, where you can walk past the final resting place of Lenin. Moscow is a highly popular tourist destination, offering beautiful architecture, some of the best museums and some nice parks. Begin your journey right away and pick up your hire car Russia at airport.

Saint Petersburg is Russia's second biggest city and its former capital city, it is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, showcasing stunning historical buildings and top museums, The historic center of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A trip with your car hire Russia to Hermitage Museum is highly recommended. A huge palace which showcases over 3,000,000 different pieces from around the globe, the museum is housed in a stunning structure. Located on the Vasilievsky Island, you will find the Andreyevsky cathedral, built in 1780, it is a stunning structure. Also located on the island are many museums such as the Zoological Museum, Menshikov Palace and Erarta Museum and Gallery of Contemporary Art. On a trip to this city, it is best to park up your hire car Russia and take and stroll through the historic center.


Take your hire car Russia through eastern Siberia and visit this stunning lake, Lake Baikal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the deepest freshwater lake in the world for a boat cruise or relax by the lake.

Mount Elbrus, found in the Western Caucasus Mountains, is an inactive volcano. Measuring at 5,600 meters high, it is one of the world’s seven summits, the highest mountain summits on each of the planets seven continents, it is possible to get to the top via a cable car.

Altai Reserve is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, surrounded by stunning mountains and Lake Teletskoye as well as 1,000 other lakes, although the main feature of the reserve is the wooded forests.

Whatever you are doing with your trip to Russia, make sure you use the online comparison portal HAPPYCAR to get your next rental car. HAPPYCAR gives you the possibility of doing finding a car hire, whether it’s a short city break or an extended trip exploring the wonderful sights of the countryside, specific to your rental needs without the hassle of comparing all the rental companies yourself.