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(4.6 from 5)
I expected a headache, but got a smooth service with Happycar.
Rating of Hank B.- 07/22/2015 19:28 PM
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Used a one way rental to drive from the airport to my house, very easy to organize.
Rating of Lisa G.- 07/22/2015 04:54 AM
(4.3 from 5)
Picked up and dropped of my car at the airport, making one of the most stressful parts of my trip very stress free
Rating of Ronnie C.- 07/22/2015 22:39 PM
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Rental Car Montana

Rental Car in Montana

Montana is an excellent place, wherein an individual can chill out and enjoy the magnificence of nature plus the American West. With only one million inhabitants spread occupying more than 38-million hectares (an extent bigger than Germany), it is amongst America’s greatest natural treasures of picturesque lands and the natural world. And an amalgamation of traditional and modern cultures makes it the perfect place to enjoy the times gone by of the frontier and realistic small-town American lifestyle. Renting a car from HAPPYCAR can turn out to be the most efficient transportation to visit Montana. Therefore, if you are looking forward to spending a holiday or events that will take you far from the metropolis, one can always have the freedom of a rental car in Montana. Get benefits from numerous sorts of the discounting system incorporated in the HAPPYCAR rental system. Take advantage of each and every option available as HAPPYCAR also partners with other car rental companies in Montana like Avis, AutoEurope, and AutoEscape to offer you excellent price comparison and the best of services.

Discover Montana

Do you intend to go for a tour of Big Sky Country? With more than 147,000 square miles to discover, it might be hard to know where to begin. Yellowstone National Park is remarkable beyond words; there is more to sightsee all over Montana than most individuals dream.

Montana is likewise well known as a sanctuary for outdoor fans. Winter sports, hiking, biking, water sports, you name it. People who have visited the place call it Big Sky Country owing to the rugged weird beauty. A charming drive via the Rockies or alongside one of the lengthiest state expanses of the border with Canada shall leave you wheezing. It likewise happens to be the fourth biggest state plus one of the most northerly. The population is low, which implies birders and wildlife lovers flock here all year. Montana surely is a romantic destination.

Glacier National Park is the most well-liked tourist destination; you will be astounded at each turn. It has been christened the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem, plus there is no hesitation why. If it is on your listing, and it must be, you shall have to plan another tour to do anything else since the moment you arrive; you will not want to depart.

Exploring Montana with a rental car

While it is the fourth biggest state, it is amongst the least inhabited, guaranteeing ample wide-open space to discover outside of its bigger cities, like the capital, Helena. With a car rental in Montana you can tour several places in Helena at your comfort and style. Some of the places to travel include The Archie Bray Foundation for Ceramic Arts. This is 26-acre grounds containing hundreds of ceramic sculptures and artifacts created by former dweller artists. In each direction you gaze, you will see something fascinating and new. The Foundation is warmly known to as “the Bray” by locals. Next, in your rental car for Montana you can take a Capitol Building Tour or The Montana State Capitol which was finished in 1902 and is a spectacular building filled with the exceptional history of Montana.

Road trip Montana

A visit to Montana does not feel content without a road trip in a car hire for Montana. With your car hire in Montana you can have a road trip to Montana Historical Society Museum. The Museum conserves, collects and interprets historical, ethnological and archaeological artifacts of Montana’s rich culture and history. With above 50,000 objects on display, it has been dignified by the American Association of Museums. Explore the numerous long-term and temporary exhibits that highlight the diverse history of this region. While Montana’s Museum possesses a dense and wide-ranging perpetual assemblage, Montana’s Museum hosts distinct attractions all over the year that match to the Museum’s initiatives and undertaking. The team at HAPPYCAR wishes you a pleasant trip with your Car Rental Montana.