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from $37 per day
rental period of 4 days

This offer was found on 09/26/2020 11:04 AM.

This offer was found on 09/26/2020 11:04 AM.



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This offer was found on 09/17/2020 10:35 AM.

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Rental Car Tokyo Narita Airport

Narita Airport is the second busiest airport in Japan and one of the busiest in the world. Serving around 35.5 million passengers a year, the majority of them international travelers, it is one of the busiest air transportation hubs in Asia, and serves not only the Greater Tokyo region, but all of Japan, providing many fantastic opportunities for traveling on through the country. HAPPYCAR offers various attractive options for a Narita Airport car hire so that wherever you decide to go, your stay in Japan is stress-free from day one. We check the prices of international and local providers so that you don’t have to check each website to provide you with the best deals on a car hire to make your money go further on a rental car that fits your specific needs. You have the options of choosing car size, pick up location and type of insurance to ensure you get the best deal on a great car hire!

Inside Narita Airport

Narita Airport was built with the intention of providing robust international operations into Japan and allowing the only major airport at the time, the nearby Haneda Airport, to be freed up for domestic flights. Surviving various protests Narita Airport opened in 1978 and passenger numbers quickly swelled.

Narita Airport is an excellent modern airport with a plethora of services, including day rooms, consisting of a bed and a bathroom with a shower, and you can pay by the hour to refresh yourself before the next flight. WiFi is all pervasive and recharge points for your electronics abound, and large malls are available to get your shopping and eating fix.

Taking a car hire from Narita Airport

The location of the airport, located 41 miles east of downtown Tokyo, means that you can immediately take advantage of the excellent road network with a car rental Narita Airport and through into Japan, a country of ancient history and modern wonder existing in beautiful harmony. Driving a car in Japan is an immensely pleasurable experience, and one that can lead to many delightful discoveries along the way that you might otherwise miss.

Narita Airport is used largely as a connecting destination to various other places such as the United States and Europe, but it primarily serves Tokyo, the sprawling modern capital that has been fascinating visitors forever. Narita Airport also provides transportation options to many other places in the area, such as Yokohama, the second biggest city in the country.

You can also easily access roads that lead into the rest of Japan and on to all the major cities in the area, such as the ancient capital Kyoto and brash Osaka in the west, with a speed, convenience and personal freedom that public transportation just can’t beat. There is so much to see in this part of the world, and a car hire Narita Airport can make this journey a reality. The HAPPYCAR team wishes you a pleasant journey!