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Climate chart Passau

max 41°F min 32°F
max 45°F min 32°F
max 54°F min 32°F
max 54°F min 36°F
max 70°F min 46°F
max 79°F min 54°F
max 79°F min 54°F
max 81°F min 57°F
max 64°F min 46°F
max 63°F min 45°F
max 48°F min 37°F
max 37°F min 28°F

Weekly overview Passau

Weather Passau 7 days

Thursday 29-02-2024 Partly cloudy 36°F / 57°F
Friday 01-03-2024 Patchy rain possible 37°F / 50°F
Saturday 02-03-2024 Patchy rain possible 39°F / 48°F
Sunday 03-03-2024 Partly cloudy 37°F / 57°F
Monday 04-03-2024 Patchy rain possible 39°F / 41°F
Tuesday 05-03-2024 Mist 39°F / 52°F
Wednesday 06-03-2024 Sunny/Clear 34°F / 50°F
Thursday 07-03-2024 Sunny/Clear 34°F / 52°F
Friday 08-03-2024 Partly cloudy 36°F / 55°F
Saturday 09-03-2024 Patchy rain possible 39°F / 43°F
Sunday 10-03-2024 Sunny/Clear 32°F / 46°F
Monday 11-03-2024 Sunny/Clear 27°F / 41°F
Tuesday 12-03-2024 Sunny/Clear 25°F / 41°F
Wednesday 13-03-2024 Patchy rain possible 27°F / 39°F

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Passau attractions and Travel Tips

Perhaps you’re thinking of taking a vacation or a business trip to the famous city of Passau. This is a German city that is also known as the ‘City of Three Rivers’ as it is located where rivers IIz, Inn, and Danube meet. The city enjoys a thriving local tourist trade and is worth visiting. However, you need to do a price comparison before you pick a car hire Passau. This is where we, HAPPYCAR comes in. We have partnered with a number of car rental companies such as the Avis, Avis, and Europcar to bring you the best car rental offers. You can visit our platform to do a price comparison and you will book a car rental seamlessly.

What you need to know about Passau using rental car Passau

Passau city is renowned for its institutes of law, theology, cultural studies and computer science. The region was first settled by the Celts who were first living on the south of Bavaria. This was before the Romans established a fortress owing to the strategic position of Passau’s peninsula. The city of Passau grew because of the vibrant salt trade with Bohemia, which is the current Czech Republic.

Currently Passau is well-known for its historical buildings, higher learning institutions, location between the three rivers, and the last German railway station before Austria. A good number of tourists touring the region arrive here on river cruises. However, you will find many buses that come here from the entire Austria and Germany.

Austria is just a few minutes from Passau. Austria attracts a large crowd of tourists owing to its mighty mountainous scenery. You will find green mount meadows and white landscapes. You can visit the High Mountain National Park and you will not be disappointed.

Discover the city of Passau using car rental Passau

Passau is graced with a number of restaurants where you can enjoy some good foods like pizza, pasta and a glass of wine. You can get to the Hacklberg Brewery where you will find some of the best restaurants that serve some of the best Bavarian dishes. You will also find a beer garden during the warmer months.

You can get to the Bavarian Forest mountain range by your car hire Passau. The Forest is home to several animal species you can enjoy viewing. In the city of Passau, you will have the privilege to view some of the oldest buildings, cathedrals, and churches. Several roads in the city are made of cobblestones. If you are into concerts, then you should consider visiting St. Stephan’s Cathedral, which is considered the second largest cathedral organ and holds concerts at noon.

Take a road trip through Passau using car rental Passau

Passau is located on the Danube Bike trail. Therefore, if you’re into biking, this is the best place for you. Danube is a renowned tourist trail for those tourists that like boat activities as well as cyclists. In the month of May, you can opt for the Maypole festival that is held in Austria. The festival features local men who tarry their feet as well as hands climbing a tall pole without harnesses. Take the chance to do daytrips to Munich or Regensburg.

The city is not a popular backpacker destination, although you can spot a few backpackers occasionally. In fact, you will find only one backpacker hotel in the city. This is the international youth hostel. The hostel is situated in a castle that overlooks the city center. This is perhaps the only youth hostel with the best view of the entire central Europe. When you walk around the city, you will come across a series of tourists shops. At the shops you will find the Bavarian hat that you can buy and take home as a souvenir. You will also come across high-street shops and a good number of shoe shops. If you want to take a business trip or a getaway to the city of Passau, then you should check with happycar.com. We will help you compare offers from several rental car companies. Our mission is to offer you a seamless booking and give you access to the best car rental rates.