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Rental Car San José (CA)

Rental Car San Jose

San Jose, which is Spanish for Saint Joseph, is the largest city in Northern California, both in terms of area and population size. It is renowned as one of the most affluent counties, not just in the USA, but also globally, owing to the numerous technology companies that have their headquarters here. These companies are worth billions of dollars and they pump a lot of money into the county both in the form of taxes as well as employing hundreds of thousands of locals. Since the city is very expansive, it is more efficient to use a rental car in San Jose. You can explore the various architectural as well as scenic and vast nature trails especially in the area around Mount Hamilton which has quite a number of observatories overlooking the city. San Jose was founded and established in 1777 and after a period of civil war by which time it had been claimed by Mexico, it was ceded back to the USA in 1848. Some of the major cities near San Jose include Palo Alto, Mountain View, and Redwood City.

Discover San Jose

The city covers approximately 179.97 square miles and it has an extensive road network which means it is easier to tour the area in a car. In fact, after landing at the Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport, you have to cover at least 2-miles (3.2 kilometers) to get to the city's downtown area. So, instead of the hustle that comes with public means, utilizing a car hire in San Jose is more convenient, and it allows you a flexible schedule as well. To find a car hire in San Jose, you can use the HAPPYCAR portal for a custom search. At HAPPYCAR, you can find the cheapest rates considering it has partnered with services such as Drive FTI, CarDelMar, and Argus Car Hire. These car hire services ensure that you book a package that is within your means and also as per the number of individuals, which is advantageous especially if you are traveling as a group.

General Info on San Jose

Initially, the whole of California was part of the Spanish empire after Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo chartered its coast. This was in 1542 when Baja California and California itself were administered together. It took almost 200 years before the Spanish Empire decided to survey the San Fransico Bay Area as it sought to choose sites for future settlements. Eventually, it was founded as a civilian settlement in 1777. The First Mexican Empire was victorious against the Spanish Empire and it claimed by Mexico in 1821 only for it to be ceded back in 1847 after America won the war against Mexico in the Mexican-American war. The first tech company to set up in San Jose was IBM which established its headquarters in 1943. Since then the area has experienced a surge in the number of IT companies that have set up in the area, thus earning it the name Silicon Valley.

Car Rental San Jose

One of the first places to visit is the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum and it was founded by AMORC (Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis). There are numerous Egyptian antiquities on display including statues and mummies. Afterward, a 6 minute (2.1-miles) drive to downtown San Jose is where you find the Tech Museum of Innovation which is at the Plaza de César Chávez. You can explore themes such as Life tech, Exploration, Communication, and Innovation. The exhibits deal with genetics, customization, energy efficiency, and exploration among others. Alternatively, you can take a road trip the nearby Alameda county to Fremont, which is only a 22-minute (17.3-miles) drive from downtown San Jose. Here you leave the car hire vehicle at designated parking before hiking on a nature trail at the Mission Peak Regional Preserve public park. A major advantage of using a car hire for such a road trip is that you can load bicycles into the car which can then be used later on as you ascend to the summit which overlooks the Silicon Valley. After the climb, you can then wind off your road trip with a visit to the Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for visual arts which is just a 25 minute (20.7-miles) drive to Palo Alto city. So hire a car with HAPPYCAR today!