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from $19 per day
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This offer was found on 10/04/2018 07:52 AM.



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Rental Car Santander

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Get to know about Santander city by using rental car Santander

Santander is the capital of Cantabria region of the northern Spain. It is situated to the east of Gijon and to the west of Bilbao. The earliest human traces in this region cannot be easily established considering that there are a few written and published archaeological information. However, it can be established that the ancient settlers preferred to settle in the northern region of the bay that was shielded from the storms of the Biscay Bay. The hillside must have played an important role of providing clear visibility of spotting attackers. This made the region an ideal place of stable settlement and it evolved throughout the middle ages.

Asturias is just 167 kilometers from Santander and you get there by bus. If Santander doesn’t offer all you needed for a vacation, then you can consider visiting Asturias. The city features a handful of historical buildings and museums. However, you can opt to walk around centro antiguo, which is a part of Oviedo that was at one time encircled by a stone boundary wall.

Discover Santander city using car rental Santander

The city features a handful of sandy beaches and is the most popular tourist destination with the Magdalene Palace taking much attention. The palace was used as a getaway of the royalty of Spain. The city is graced with an oceanic climate with monthly temperature averaging at about 10 °C. The summer season is a bit warmer as compared to the regions in the west of the northern coastline. The mild damp winters experienced in the Mediterranean climate are frequently experienced in Santander.

The cathedral of Santander is a major sight-seeing feature that you should consider. The cathedral features Gothic styles, but has recently been affected by extensive renovations. It also features the lower temple that was constructed on other Roman buildings and is 13 meters long and 18 meters wide. Its design is both Gothic and Romanesque.

Take a road trip through the city of Santander using car rental Santander

Although you may have taken a car hire Santander, the city is rather small and you can walk through it in just two hours. From one end of the town to the other is approximately 4 miles, which is a rather short distance. You can begin your trip by visiting the prehistoric museum of Cantabria. The museum houses a wide variety of objects dating from the Paleolithic and Iron ages. However, you can still find items of the Roman settlements.

You can later decide to take a boat trip. You will find a regular boat service operating through the Santander bay. The boats are operated from Santander to Pedrena and operate hourly. You can take a sun bath at the sandy beaches. Take a walk to the lighthouse, or visit the museum from where you will have panoramic views of the region.

Barrio Pesquero is a major fishing spot near the fishing harbor. This is the best place to taste fish. If you love Indian dishes, then you should visit Taj Mahal, which is the only Indian restaurant in the region and is popular for alternatives to Spanish cuisines.

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