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Rental Car Utrecht

Affordable Car Hire In Utrecht At Your Fingertips

The gorgeous city of Utrecht, situated right in the heart of the Netherlands, mixes medieval magnificence with the excitement of modern life. Surely the best way to explore Utrecht and its environs is by rental car, as this gives you the freedom to go where you want, when you want and to take in all of the sights that you desire to see. When arranging car hire in Utrecht, there is only one comparison site that you need to use: Happycar. The experts at Happycar synthesize information from a vast array of amazing car hire companies (such as Avis, Holiday Autos and Enterprise, to name but a few) and provide you with quotes for the best quality car hire in Utrecht for the very best value for money. Read on to find out more about all of the amazing things that you can do in Utrecht with your rental vehicle, and then book your car rental in Utrecht using the efficient and user friendly Happycar website. 

Rental Car Utrecht

Dominated by the majestic Domtoren tower (from the top of which you can take in breathtaking vistas of the entire city), Utrecht is characterised by its gorgeous, tranquil canals and its medieval charm. Castles, cathedrals, and cute little museums are just some of the wonderful places to visit in this city, which has been described as a giant open air museum in its own right. In the city's many traditional restaurants, visitors can also try delicious classic Dutch cuisine such as the unforgettable peperkoek gingerbread, 'old cheese' sandwiches with a hint of mustard, and vla (vanilla custard, often flavoured with chocolate, too). Utrecht is also home to some brilliant cafes where you can try famously delicious Dutch coffee, and lots of wonderful seafood based restaurants, too. Utrecht is a relatively small city, with most of the restaurants concentrated in the center. But, visitors who are prepared to branch out off the beaten track will be rewarded with lovely out of the way museums and eateries round almost every corner.

Discover Utrecht with your rentalcar

A rental car in Utrecht can enable you to discover some of the most amazing sights of the Netherlands. Many of the key attractions in this city are castles, with Slot Zeist and Slot Zuylen in its unforgettable waterside location numbering among the most famous. The city is also filled with museums, including the Centraal Museum (one of the biggest) and the Museum of Contemporary Aboriginal Art. Almost all interests are catered for by the museums of Utrecht. There is a Railway Museum, for example, and a stunning museum devoted entirely to automatic musical instruments known as the Museum Speelklok. Discover the museum of your dreams as you whisk through the streets of Utrecht in your hired car, and make sure to take a look at the key landmarks and monuments around the city such as St Martin's Cathedral, which dominates the skyline. 

Road trip Utrecht 

When you have arranged car rental in Utrecht, you will also find it very easy to explore the surrounding area. Haarlem is just 64 km (or a three quarters of an hour drive) away from Utrecht, for instance, and it is home to some fabulous places of culture such as the Franz Hals Museum, and the giant Grote Kerk which contains an organ used by Mozart. Just take the A2 and A9 roads from Utrecht towards the northwest of the country and you will pass through some gorgeous scenery to reach Haarlem. Travel a little further and you can enjoy the stunning coast line. Other cities that are great day trip options from Utrecht include Arnhem and Amsterdam. The latter is the capital city and it is famous for its museums, beautiful medieval streets and cafe culture. If you are looking for a longer trip, it only takes a couple of hours in an Easterly direction to cross the border and start to explore Germany. Towns and cities like Dusseldorf, Duisberg, and the amazing university city of Muenster are great options for an overnight stay.