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Climate chart Bangkok

max 93°F min 75°F
max 97°F min 79°F
max 99°F min 82°F
max 99°F min 82°F
max 91°F min 81°F
max 97°F min 82°F
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Weekly overview Bangkok

Weather Bangkok 7 days

Thursday 18-04-2024 Sunny/Clear 86°F / 99°F
Friday 19-04-2024 Sunny/Clear 86°F / 99°F
Saturday 20-04-2024 Sunny/Clear 86°F / 100°F
Sunday 21-04-2024 Sunny/Clear 86°F / 102°F
Monday 22-04-2024 Sunny/Clear 86°F / 102°F
Tuesday 23-04-2024 Sunny/Clear 88°F / 100°F
Wednesday 24-04-2024 Sunny/Clear 88°F / 100°F
Thursday 25-04-2024 Sunny/Clear 88°F / 99°F
Friday 26-04-2024 Sunny/Clear 88°F / 100°F
Saturday 27-04-2024 Sunny/Clear 88°F / 100°F
Sunday 28-04-2024 Sunny/Clear 86°F / 102°F
Monday 29-04-2024 Sunny/Clear 86°F / 102°F
Tuesday 30-04-2024 Sunny/Clear 86°F / 104°F
Wednesday 01-05-2024 Sunny/Clear 86°F / 104°F

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Bangkok attractions and Travel Tips

With golden palaces, floating markets and a whole host of buzzing party areas, Bangkok, the huge and sprawling capital of Thailand, is one of Asia’s most cosmopolitan cities and perhaps the most traveler-friendly place in Asia. HAPPYCAR is here to help you find the best car hire Bangkok has to offer so you can take full advantage of this bustling city, with a direct car hire Bangkok Airport also available. We check the prices of international and local providers so that you don’t have to check each website to provide you with the best deals to make your money go further on a rental car that fits your specific vacation needs.

General Information

Bangkok is a relatively new city, having been built a couple of centuries ago when life drifted by on the water in bamboo rafts. As Thailand grew rapidly in parallel to colonial expansion, in a bid to avoid the clutches of Western powers, Bangkok became an obvious center and has since become a city of dramatic dichotomy. The playful residents imbue Bangkok with a hard-to-beat warmth and exploration of the city is greatly encouraged, with a glut of unknown foodie treasures around every corner.

To Do

Bangkok is a winding city of narrow lanes and dangerous main thoroughfares, so of course it makes sense to hire a bicycle and get to know the city more intimately. As you are treated to a pedestrian on a bicycle, you can experience the hidden treasures of Bangkok fairly easily. There are over 400 temples in Bangkok proper, and a visit to at least one is a must. The Wat Kalayanamit houses the world’s largest sitting Buddha, at 15 meters tall, and also the biggest bell. Catch some classical Thai dance-drama, hop around some of the city’s colorful art galleries or try to take in some of the iconic canals with raft tours. To relax, hop over to Ko Samet or Hua Hin for a languid beach break, or take advantage of Bangkok’s status as the number one place in the world to grab a luxurious massage.


Nearly every Bangkok vacation must include a visit to Thailand’s Grand Palace, arguably the premier attraction in the city. Nearby you can find some of Bangkok’s most spectacular temples, including the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, and the Temple of Dawn. The winding Chao Phraya is connected by numerous canals, from which Bangkok has earned its nickname as the “Venice of the East”. This is a great place to take a cruise on the Chao Phraya, visit a floating market and explore the back alley canals, all unofficial but rewarding attractions in Bangkok.


Thailand is known the world over for its dazzlingly delicious food and Bangkok is perhaps the shining star in its culinary crown. Featuring over 50,000 places to eat with not only Thai fare, but international offerings and a large complement of vegetarian joints. Sukhumvit is known to have the best selection of restaurants in Bangkok with an original array of fusion food and for some quirky takes on Italian food head down to Siam Square. The amount of street food is almost crushing, but braving the dirt can reward you with some supremely authentic tastes of Bangkok, from cheap Satay to the national dish, Pad Thai, and somtham, the overlooked treasure of Siam.


Day trips and excursions further afield are plentiful, and a Bangkok car hire will really open up your options, allowing you to travel as and when you please. Chiang Mai and Phuket are fantastic destinations to visit, and 1.5 hours away from the capital, the crumbling ruins of Ayutthaya, an ancient capital and once the trading capital of the world, is easily accessible with a Bangkok car rental. The Summer Palace Bang Pa-In is just one hour north of the capital, and a little closer to home, the Chatuchak Weekend Market on the outskirts of the city is Bangkok’s most enjoyable – and exhausting – shopping experience. For a real cross-country drive, head north 250 miles to Sukhothai, one of the major Thai capitals and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.