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from $29 per day
rental period of 30 days

This offer was found on 09/30/2020 12:07 PM.

This offer was found on 09/30/2020 12:07 PM.



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This offer was found on 09/19/2020 04:06 AM.

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Rental Car Manila

Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, is a teeming metropolis full of life and adventure. Nowhere else in the country will you find such remarkable examples of the essence which defines the country; superb food, vibrant culture, rich history, and a contagious love for fun and life are the hallmarks of Manila. HAPPYCAR is here to help you find the best car hire Manila has to offer so you can take full advantage of this lively city. We check the prices of international and local providers so that you don’t have to check each website to provide you with the best deals on a car hire to make your money go further on a rental car that fits your specific needs. You have the options of choosing car size, pick up location and type of insurance to ensure you get the best deal on a great car hire!

General Information

In the 15th century, Manila, then a small Tagalog settlement, came under the sway of the Sultanate of Brunei; under the Sultanate, the area was converted to Islam. The second half of the 16th century saw the intrusion of Spanish conquistadors, who conquered the region bringing it under the rule of the Spanish crown. Missionaries soon followed, with the Jesuits establishing outlying centers of population. Manila enjoyed a strategic location on the biggest island of the Philippines, and therefore became the capital of the Spanish occupiers; Manila experienced an economic boom during this time due to the galleon trade. The United States defeated the Spaniards at the decisive battle of Manila Bay, helping the Philippines relinquish Spanish control over the nation; however, revolutionary ideas were not quelled, and the Filipino population rose up against their new occupiers, the United States. In 1901, an armistice was signed, which established the Philippines as a self-governing commonwealth. Manila suffered greatly during WWII; the Japanese Empire occupied the city, and inflicted heavy casualties on the Filipino population. After liberation, rebuilding of the city was marred by government corruption and stagnation. In the 1990’s, the new mayor of Manila enacted sweeping changes to the structure of the city, and ushered in a new era of economic prosperity and social advances.

Take advantage of your car hire in Manila

Your Manila car hire will open up a myriad of possible ways to explore the bustling capital. Manila is famous the world over for its superb street food and top notch restaurants, as well as numerous shopping possibilities around the clock. The high-speed, frenetic city is a cosmopolitan playground which enjoys a rich mixture of Filipino heritage, Spanish, Chinese, and American cultures. Manila prides itself on the quality of its restaurant scene, nightlife, and ability of natives to provide exciting and fun times for any visitor. A favorite sight in Manila is The San Agustin Church; built in the latter half of the 16th century, it was the only building left intact after the destruction of Intramuros in WWII. Its grand facade conceals an ornate interior filled with objects of great historical and cultural value. Visitors wishing to gain a deeper insight into Filipino culture and history should pay a visit to the National Museum of the Filipino People; this incredible museum is home to a vast collection of significant aspects of the country’s history. The skullcap of the Philippines’ earliest known inhabitant, who lived around 24,000 BC, is housed in the museum. The museum also boasts extensive displays on the major Filipino indigenous groups, and a vast collection of Filipino painting and sculpture.

People wishing to undertake an authentic island experience can take their car hire in The Philippines to the island province of Palawan; here you can enjoy breathtaking seascapes the equal of any in Southeast Asia, as well as intriguing wildlife and colorful marine life. The island is a long sliver which stretches 650 kilometers, from from Mindoro in the northeast to Borneo in the southwest. Puerto Princesa, the culinary capital and chief gateway to nearby rural and seaside bliss, is centrally located on the island. A trip to the northern expanse of the island is popular among explorers, mainly because of the maze of uninhabited islands. The southern part of the island is better known for its rugged landscape and jungle-covered mountains. Island hopping and snorkeling are two of the main attractions in this part of the island.

Book now with HAPPYCAR and take full advantage of the flexibility and freedom your car Rental Manila grants you. Our quick and hassle free service provides you with a great springboard into your adventures. The HAPPYCAR team wishes you a pleasant journey!