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Climate chart Morocco

max 72°F min 54°F
max 70°F min 54°F
max 72°F min 54°F
max 77°F min 59°F
max 86°F min 63°F
max 86°F min 63°F
max 95°F min 72°F
max 91°F min 70°F
max 86°F min 66°F
max 90°F min 72°F
max 82°F min 63°F
max 72°F min 57°F

Weekly overview Morocco

Weather Morocco 7 days

Thursday 18-04-2024 Sunny/Clear 59°F / 68°F
Friday 19-04-2024 Sunny/Clear 61°F / 70°F
Saturday 20-04-2024 Patchy rain possible 59°F / 66°F
Sunday 21-04-2024 Sunny/Clear 59°F / 70°F
Monday 22-04-2024 Sunny/Clear 59°F / 72°F
Tuesday 23-04-2024 Sunny/Clear 61°F / 70°F
Wednesday 24-04-2024 Overcast 59°F / 68°F
Thursday 25-04-2024 Partly cloudy 59°F / 72°F
Friday 26-04-2024 Sunny/Clear 59°F / 66°F
Saturday 27-04-2024 Sunny/Clear 59°F / 66°F
Sunday 28-04-2024 Patchy rain possible 59°F / 66°F
Monday 29-04-2024 Patchy rain possible 61°F / 66°F
Tuesday 30-04-2024 Patchy rain possible 61°F / 68°F
Wednesday 01-05-2024 Sunny/Clear 59°F / 75°F

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Morocco attractions and Travel Tips

Morocco, only an hour from Spain by ferry, is an exotic gateway into Africa. Despite years of colonial rule, the nation retains its traditional roots. Its mountains, desert, and coast offer an inviting and picturesque landscape. From the Saharan dunes to the peaks of the High Atlas, Morocco has something for everyone. HAPPYCAR is here to help you find the best car hire Morocco has to offer so you can take full advantage of this vibrant country. Being a online comparison portal, we check the prices of international and local providers so that you don’t have to check each website, and provide you with the best deals on a Morocco car hire to make your money go further with a rental car that fits your specific rental needs.

General Information

The Romans arrived in Morocco in the 4th century BCE, calling the expanse ‘Mauretania’, and the people ‘Berbers’, or barbarians. In 40 AD, the Roman emperor, fed up with the unruly Berbers, declared the end of their autonomy. However, thanks to the Berber’s incessant harassment of the Roman legions and the gradual decline of the Roman Empire, the Berbers soon regained their freedom. During the 7th century AD, Islam was introduced to Northern Africa; the Berbers soon adopted Islam, but their rebellious nature led the individual tribes to adapt their own brand of Islam, Shi’ism, leading to conflict between them and the eastern Arabs. A cycle of rising and falling Islamic dynasties followed, which was to last until the 20th century, when France took control of the region. In 1956, thanks to Moroccan and international pressure, the nation regained its independence from France, and the King, Mohammed V, was reinstated. The current king of Morocco, Mohammed VI, has introduced widespread reforms, has improved ties with Europe, and has introduced measures to jump start the Moroccan tourism industry.

Take advantage of your cheap car rental in Morocco

While in Morocco, you should take advantage of the flexibility a rental car gives you to explore the nation’s vibrant cities, impressive architecture, and breathtaking landscape. A good place to start is Rabat, Morocco’s political and administrative capital. The city boasts stunning colonial architecture paired with a laid-back and cosmopolitan attitude. At the mouth of the Bou Regreg River you will find the Kasbah of the Udayas, an ancient citadel featuring narrow alleys, art galleries, and majestic panoramic views of the ocean. Rabat enjoys an extensive and rich history, reflected in its numerous monuments from Phoenician, Roman, and Islamic dynasty times. Rabat is also a great place to enjoy traditional Moroccan delicacies, including Tagine, fish dishes, and typical Moroccan bread. To the north, you will find several beaches perfect for escaping the city life for a day.

Three hours southwest of Rabat with your Morocco car rental you will reach the city of Marrakesh. This city enjoys a rich traditional culture revolving around a marketplace economy and large public squares. At the heart of the city is the Jemaa el Fna, an open space which serves as a stage for onlookers to gather and admire the showmanship of acrobats, drummers, pipe musicians, dancers, storytellers, comedians, and fairground acts. Marrakesh is renowned for its architectural attractions, the most prominent which are the outstanding ruins of the El Badi Palace, the intricate carvings of the Saadian Tombs, and the Koutoubia Minaret, the most well-kept Islamic monument in North Africa. The city is comprised of two halves, one being the ancient walled Medina, and the other the colonial Ville Nouvelle, built in the 20th century by the French. Medina features ancient palaces, mansions, and a deep connection with traditional roots, whereas the Ville Nouvelle boasts trendy cafes, upscale boutiques, and European-style gardens and boulevards.

If you wish to explore Morocco's stunning natural geography, you can take a trip into the High Atlas Mountains; here you will find Todra Gorge, which features carved out cliff-sided canyons through the mountains. The final 600 meters of the Todra Gorge are the most spectacular as the canyon narrows to a flat stony track as little as 10 meters wide in places with sheer and smooth rock walls up to 160 meters high on each side.

Book now with HAPPYCAR and take full advantage of the flexibility and freedom of a car rental Morocco. Our quick and easy online service provides you with a great springboard into your adventures. The HAPPYCAR team wishes you a pleasant journey!

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