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from $9 per day
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Rental Car Bratislava

The largest city and the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava has a population of just over 400,000 and is the political, economic and cultural center of the country. It is served by the largest airport in the country Bratislava Milan Rastislav Stefanik Airport. We at HAPPYCAR compare the prices of all the best and well-known international and local hire car providers to find you your ideal car at the best possible price for a car where you get to choose the size, tape of insurance and pick up location. Using our simple to use website and easy online booking form you can have your car booked in a matter of clicks, so book now and make your Slovakian road trip dreams come true.


Hlavne Namestie is the main square in the city, believed to have been built in 1500's, you can park your car to sit and watch the world go by in one of the many cafes.

Bratislava Castle dominates the Old Town. It is located on a hill overlooking the Danube River on the spot used to be a Celtic settlement called Oppidum. It was not until the 15th century that a castle was built on the area. Today, you will find the museum of Slovakia here.

St. Martin's Cathedral is the largest church in the city. Found below the castle, this Gothic cathedral was built in the 12th century and it has been the place of coronation for 11 Kings and 1 Queen of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. The tower of the church has the replica of the crown of St. Stephen on its top to commemorate the church’s importance as a coronation church.

The Slavin Monument is located on top of the hill behind the castle, overlooking the entire city. The monument is dedicated to the Soviets casualties that occurred during the battle for the liberation of the city.


As the capital city, Bratislava is home to many museums and most of the national institutions some of the best ones include, The Bratislava City Museum, the oldest continuous museum in the county, going back to the mid-1800's. The museum projects the history of the city from its earliest period to today spread over nine different destinations. The topics range from the city history to the Museum of Clocks and the Museum of Arms to the museum for the sculptor Arthur Fleischmann.

The Museum of Jewish Culture, found in the Zsigray Museum, is the only surviving building on Bratislava’s old Jewish street. The museum focuses on the large Jewish community and buildings that were lost during and proceeding the Second World War. Some highlights are the two priceless Chevra Kadisha Jugs from the Slovak town of Senica dating back to the 18th century.


Having a hire car Bratislava gives you the freedom to get out of the city and explore other gems that Slovakia has to offer. The old town of Trencin, only 70 miles away from the capital city, is also well worth a visit. The main sight here is the old castle that overlooks the town. Another great thing to do here is shopping, as the town used to famous for its fashion.

Very close to the city is the iconic castle, Devin Castle. It is the castle that you can see depicted on the postage stamps. The castle is believed to be built in the 9th century and it is a great place to take a stroll through and sock in the history.

You can take a road trip throughout Central Europe and visit other cities like Vienna, Austria and Budapest, Hungary. If you make your way up to the Czech Republic, you can visit Prague, a city with a very close tie to Bratislava. Whatever you choose, HAPPYCAR is here to get you the best deals for your car hire Bratislava.

Having a hire car Bratislava lets you experience this great city on your own watch without the restraints of having to rely on public transport. HAPPYCAR lets you make your vacation your own without having to rely on public transportation. Book now and start saving!