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from $25 per day
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Hired a convertible and enjoyed the Mediterranean sun, what more could one ask for?
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We had so much fun in our sporty convertible we booked for a girls weekend! Thanks happycar!
Rating of Nicole F.- 07/18/2015 06:59 AM
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Chose to pick-up the car at my hotel, very handy!
Rating of Ivan G.- 07/19/2015 08:50 AM
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Rental Car Dresden

This historic city is located in the east of Germany. It was first mentioned in the 13th century. The city offers visitors stunning architecture. Dresden is known as the Florence on the Elbe. The city is well known for its fate during the Second World War. It was left with over 80% of the city destroyed in 48 hours. Since then the city has been painstakingly rebuilt to its former glory and is now and is now a city well worth a visit. Having a hire car Dresden gives you the freedom to go where you want, when you want. With a pick up location at the Dresden Airport, HAPPYCAR allows your next vacation get started off on the right foot.


Church of our Lady was completely destroyed in the Second World War. Its ruins were left completely untouched till the mid-90's. During the 80's, the site was seen as the peace movement against the East German government. Now the church this has been painstakingly rebuilt costing a total of €180 million. The reconstructed church is now a landmark of the city, loved by visitors and locals alike.

Zwinger Palace is the complex of some of the city’s most beautiful buildings. The area would have been used to host tournaments and other festivities. The complex was completed in 1732. Within the complex one will find stunning buildings. One of those being the Crown Gate, a gate designed in the Baroque style, with four statues representing the four seasons surrounding it. Rampart and Glockenspiel Pavilion is located in the northeast of the complex, it well worth a worth visit, it has an impressive statue of Hercules on it top.

Brühls Terrace has the nicknamed the Balcony of Europe, stretching high above the shores of the Elbe River, it was originally part of the city’s old defences and then the garden of the royal palaces. Now the area is a favorite for tourist and locals. Whether they are interested in a quiet walk to take in some of the city’s stunning buildings or just to relax in one of the many cafes and enjoy a coffee.

Semperoper was named after its architect Gottfried Semper. This wonderful opera house was built in 1841 but completely destroyed in the Second World War and then rebuilt in 1985. Inside it has a portal of the opera depicting famous artists like, Friedrich Schiller, Van Goethe and William Shakespeare, as well as being the scene of premieres by Wagner. A trip with your hire car Dresden to this beautiful building is well worth it, should you wish to take in some real culture.

Fürstenzug or the Procession of Princes, is the largest mural in the world. It shows the 1,000 years of the Wetting Dynasty, with a parade of the different Saxon princes and dukes throughout the dynasty’s reign. It is made out of over 22,000 tiles and stretches 330 feet long.


The Bundeswehr Military History Museum is found in a former military arsenal building. The museum covers 800 years of German military history, focusing on the human element of war and the emotions, fears and hopes that it produces. The museum has over 1 million exhibits and gives the visitor a more of an experience than most other museums.


Use your hire car Dresden to explore the east of Germany, take in the wonderful landscapes such as Saxon or Switzerland. Park and take a walk on one of the many hiking trails and spend a night in one of the many inns. Just over an hour’s drive away with your rental car Dresden is the city of Leipzig, the city has a wonderful old town, dating back to the 16th century. Take a tour of the capital by making the drive up to Berlin.

Having a hire car Dresden is the best way to explore this wonderful city and the Saxon state, within just a few clicks you could have your ideal car booked and start planning a trip that you won’t forget.